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Friday, 09 March 2007


La La Linda

Two days in a row, I left here smiling from ear to ear. Thanks for that, dude :-)




Oh that was a good one...I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head all day now!


Awesome. Ben loves that book, too.

Dex is quite the linguist now. Get that boy typing, Simon.

Moksha Gren

Very cute, Dex. I'll have to file away the trick of making letters from spaghetti sticks. Not a bad learning tool.

Are the monkeys a book? I remember my mom singing that song to me and my brother as kids, but I don't recall a book form of it. But yeah...now I've got it stuck in my head.


Yeah, it's a song and a book. Ben loves both. Even more, though, he likes "one little, two little, three little Benjamins, four little five little, six little Benjamins..." etc.

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