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Thursday, 29 March 2007



Few practical jokes tickle my funny bone, because so many are mean-spirited. That diaper thing, though, cracked me right up.

Moksha Gren

That's great. Although I kinda wish you HAD been in the conference room.

A group of friends and I once went to the Olive Garden and brought home some food in a doggie bag. Upon opening said doggie bag, the once fluffy roll was rock hard. So, of course we promptly drew an angry face on it and began a long game of hiding the roll in various places where unsespecting friends would find it and be properly terrified of the Evil Roll. After a month or two, Evil Roll dissappeared. No one quite remembers who hid him last or where he might be hiding. And although that was about four years ago or so...we all know that some day one of us is going to open some box/drawer/item of clothing and find a very patient Evil Roll waiting for us.


That Emily Yeung is a cutie! I'm crushed.

- Xavier

Émilie B.

LoL Simon's coworkers... and Moksha!


Mokker just reminded me (Cute story Simon.) When JuJu moved back home after having been out on her own, somehow we got in the habit of putting a single little red heart sticker in odd places where the other would be sure to see it. We did this back and forth for a long time. It never failed to remind me of the love between us. At some point the stickiness wore off and it most likely got sucked up in the vacuum. But thanks for reminding me of it... :-)

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