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Tuesday, 27 March 2007



I have just added it to my RSS feeds. Fittingly, it falls immediate before this blog in the alphabetical listing. Do you suppose that was intentional?


She's off to a good start.

What a cool story.

Nice job of plugging your wife, by the way.

Moksha Gren

Mark - That may well be the oddest sounding complement I've ever come across.


Paul, just serendipity, my friend.

Moksha, I'm glad you said it. 'Cause I was sitting here snorting my coffee.

Moksha Gren

Si - couldn't help but notice that Amy opted for the ol' Blogger. After all those rants and schpeels against it...you couldn't talk her out of joining me over in Googleland.


Moksha, nope, that is the new Blogger. Any blogs created over yonder HAVE to use the new blogger now.

(I hate using the word 'blog' so much in a single paragraph.)

Moksha Gren

Well...I guess I meant the ol' Blogger in a friendly and dismissive sort of way. I stupidly forgot that "Old Blogger" actually had a distinct meaning already. So...I repeat my comment without the use of "the ol'". In other words...why Blogger and not Word Press?


Ah... now I grok in fullness.

I steered Amy to Blogger since it's the only non-pay host with which I've had any exposure. So instead of it being a learning experience for both of us, I could at least give her a relatively educated hand with Blogger. And when you get right down to brass tacks (I wish I knew what that meant), it's all about the content at the end of the day.


Sometimes while typing, just like while speaking, we all put words out there that can take on more than one meaning. When commenting, I prefer to edit as little as possible so it seems like conversation. So, I left it (but not left tit, which is very different).


Hee Hee....LEFT TIT!

Great plug Simon! Off to read her words now.


Blogger is great if you're looking for a free platform. I've seen some pretty great looking sites, but that requires more html knowledge than I'll ever possess, so I'm happy with what I've got.

Besides Moshka, isn't that what you use? :p


There are several free, easy blogging services out there. I don't know all of them, but one I heard of recently is http://www.vox.com/.

It won PC Magazine's Editor's Choice for October 2006. Here are there quick comments on it:

Bottom Line
This is a solid, attractive blogging tool for people who wouldn't ordinarily blog. It's simple, and if you don't want to broadcast to the world, you don't have to.

Free. Easy to use. Good privacy controls. Beautiful pages.

Just came out of beta (this was in October). Still a few bugs here and there, and some new tools are still on the way.


That would be "their quick comments." Sheesh.

BTW, Vox is made by SixApart, the folks who brought us TypePad, which Simon uses right here.

Here is PC Mag's February 2007 review of free blogging services (which Vox also won, edging out WordPress.com).

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