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Wednesday, 14 March 2007



That is one lunatic dog you have there.


I'm with Sarah on the dog thing. Very cute video. I was a little freaked though, before I hit play, as your face was nestled between the two tree trunks. You have a really nice view there.


The dog, with his entrancing circular motion, upstages any production you put out here. But, you cleverly (accidentally) caught him in the reflection this time, so I managed to focus on the main subject.

Tavish is on the move!

Declan does a darn nice impression of a baby, I must say.

That snow going to melt any time soon?


Lucky you didn't pick your nose, or scratch your balls. Oh, and did Tavish just say, "Hi," to Declan?

Moksha Gren

Tavish seems to find his big brother utterly hilarious. That's wonderful.

And Declan's sense of directorial pacing is impressive. Sort of Blair Witch style camera work, but I like it.


LOOK! A Ghost in the glass!!! You'll make millions... oh, wait.. it's you!


That was really cute. I loved your dog scurrying back and forth.

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