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Friday, 30 March 2007



That was classic!

Did anybody else notice how much Dex's voice in slow-mo sounds like Simon's in normal speed? Kind of eerie.


Next movie: Declan lying one the edge of the bed saying, "fly, you fools!" I think you have a new project. Recreate the Lord of the Rings movies entirely with home videos of your family.


Glad to see I'm having a deleterious effect on your child exploitation stance. :P


That was beyond hilarious Simon. I watched it at work, thinking what harm can 25 seconds cause? Oh, none, except scaring my coworkers with crazy loud laughter!

Moksha Gren

I have a suspision that you'd have entirely too much fun with a green screen in your home.

Truly classic, Si.


Kinda makes you wonder what bedtime stories are like at the Fraser home. :)


Cute kid, but am I really the only one to not know where that was from?


Jay, that's almost a crying shame. Or are you just teasing?

That was one of the most riveting and emotional scenes in the entire The Lord of the Rings series, book or movie. Admittedly, it takes on a different tone in this dad-prompted version, but it's fun.

This morning before I left for work, as I munched Organic Frosted Mini Wheats and watched this video:

Ben: Play it again.
Me: Hold on, son, I'm typing my comment.

I play it again.

Ben: The whole thing, Daddy.
Me: That was all, Ben, that was the whole thing.
Ben: Play it again.

I play it again, then give Ben a hug and kiss before leaving for work.

Thanks, Simon.


Paul, you have no idea how strongly I have to restrain myself from seriously entertaining the same thought. Hold me back!

fv, deleterious indeed. I can sink to lower lows with my kids than you can with yours.

Tal, I'm always happy to contribute to workplace shenanigans.

Moksha, I really would have too much fun with a green screen. Thank kerriiist I don't know how to use editing software beyond MS Movie Maker.

Monique, the Fraser bedtime stories are only going to get better. Just wait until one of the boys can actually read!

Jay, I am sad that you didn't know where that was from, but happy that Mark took it upon himself to share. A fabulous book and movie series.

Mark, if I can contribute to family bonding through the exploitation of my own, I've done a great thing.



Deborah M


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