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Tuesday, 13 March 2007



From the U.K., eh? While it's good to know that Mike (along with other countrymen of his, I assume) places value on marriage and parenthood, it's pretty clear he a) doesn't know a thing about you, and b) well, it would only serve to make him angry, so no need for another.

Mike, if I'd trust any man I know only through the Internet to show my wife a good time, it's Simon. Well, and Moksha. Oh, and Cheeseburger Brown, and Dave (but he doesn't usually comment here). Point is, I can't choose just one. Looks like she's all booked up for a while, Mike, but next time we're in Great Britain, we'll let you know.


I must say that I had to read the sentence about your 'temporary mistress' twice when that entry originally appeared. It took me a few moments to figure out exactly what you were talking about. Still, knowing you as I do, I knew there was a meaning to ferret out. If I was unfamiliar enough with you to mistake your meaning, I suspect I would have been uncaring enough not to comment. Who gets so worked up over the life of a total stranger from halfway around the world?


SAM MCGEE! FROM TENNESSEE! Good grief, I didn't think anyone else knew that poem. But then I spent the latter third of my pre-adult life in Knoxville (from whence my parent's hail and my mater still lives) and they're a pretty odd bunch...

Simon, I have to admit, I LOVE when misunderstandings like that arise - not the specifics of this one, but when someone says something that gets misconstrued to much amusement. My father once misheard something I said and when he repeated what he thought I'd said, with much incredulity in his voice, it made me laugh. He then replied "You know, I'm losing my hearing and it's such a hoot - you wouldn't BELIEVE what I THINK people are saying!"

Besides, these days, who can be surprised at ANYTHING people share about their inner lives on the web... I just think 'Next' and move along.

Moksha Gren

I'll take my small bit of blame for the British flame that was shot your way, Si. I think I was the one that started making insinuations about your date night with Amy's friend. All in good fun, ya know...but perhaps such a whimsical discussion of infidelity in the comments section tainted the whole piece in Mike's eyes. Not that I'm apologizing, mind you. Given another chance, I'll probably start making inappropriate comments again ;)

Mark - Thanks, buddy. I'd trust you for a date night with Moonshot, too. Three reasons: a) I'd trust my wife with just about anyone...cuz I trust my wife. b) between the stereo mics attached to your glasses and the constant stopping to film street trash...I think you'd have a hard time wooing Moonshot. And c) I know you wouldn't be able to refrain from blogging about anything that happened...and Shannon would drop kick your butt but good. Oh...and d) you're a really nice guy ;)


Mark, I'd love to show your wife a good time. Does she like Star Wars marathons? (Um, mine doesn't...)

Paul, I do sometimes tend to obfuscate things a bit, eh?

Belle, The Cremation of Sam McGee is one of my favouritest poems in the world ever. Robert Service is a way cool poet.

Moksha, I appreciate the fact about you that you will accept some (unwarranted) blame, but also stick to your guns in unapologetically insisting you'll most likely do something similar again. Appropriately named, you are.


Naturally, you weren't having an affair with a woman named Solitude...as I recall, you had a date with Destiny, or perhaps a pretty little lady named Diablo.

(Hopefully this comment won't be taken too far out of context; can only imagine what rumours it could spread)


Mike's comment is what we here in the American South call 'shootin' off at the mouth.'

But seriously, I could never make a comment like that on someone's blog. First, I would read a lot more before jumping to conclusions. Secondly, if my conclusion was the same as the one Mike jumped to, I think I would just leave well enough alone and not comment.


If it were to come down to who's got a big old handful o' blame, I wouldn't know who to even begin suspectin'...
But in Si's defense, if he's successfully abstained from my irrepressible, albeit, irresistible overtures, that boy is tried AND true. What am I saying, "if"? I have a broken heart to prove it. I still love 'im, though. What's not to love?

Hi Amy :-)

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