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Wednesday, 21 March 2007



Cute. The picture of Declan and Tavish at the door is a good picture. With just a little imagination, one might think that Declan's hand is behind Tavish's head, smashing it into the screen. :)

Oh, and learn to spell. It's C-O-L-O-R, not C-O-L-O-U-R. Damn Canadians...


Frame it definitely. And then enter it into some sort of competition and retire on the winnings.


The other day, Matthew was lamenting the fact that his mother had not yet made another batch of his favourite banana-chocolate chip muffins. I chipped in, "yeah, I love mommy's muffins too." Of course, now that he's thirteen, those moments need to be ever so carefully chosen these days.

Oh, and Alvis, I can't understand why you Americans simply push the rest of the world to accept your mistakes rather than admitting to them and correcting them.


That picture of Dex and Tav is definitely a scroll-down! I was looking at poor Dex's face and then got to Tavish and just about busted a gut I laughed so hard. Frame it for sure!

Moksha Gren

I have a shirt very similar to your favorite comfy shirt. No...it doesn't look anything like yours...but I love it and I never get to wear it.

The door pic is great, although Tav looks a little demonic.

For the top pic of Tav, you should just lie and say it was after you took him for a spin on your new Darth Vader Chopper.

Paul - Our stubborn refusal to admit to our mistakes is what makes us 'Mericans so adorable...right? ...Right?


Alvis, I will come down there to Texas and beat you about the head with an unabridged copy of the Oxford English Dictionary. Gently.

Linda, use my boys for financial gain? Never! I'll merely subject them to the internet for free.

Paul, so I've got another good decade before I have to start being careful? That's sweet!

Tal, framed or put up as my new computer wallpaper. Or both.

Moksha, that's one of the many things that makes you guys so adorable. There are others like freedom of speech and the Bill of Rights and Jenna Jamieson. The curtailment of the former two making the current political regime less and less adorable. The curtailment of the latter would probably cause the larger uprising, more's the pity.


Great pictures!!!


That smooshy window face is brilliant.


Great window shot.

It's almost eerie, really. I have a picture almost just like that of Ben and his cousin at Christmas 2005. Except, Ben's face looked more like a bank robber's inside a pantyhose mask, while Tav's looks downright demonic. Just took it off my desk at work to replace it (they both were so young that they look much different now).

So, nice in your window and nice innuendo, all in one post.


Terri, Sarah: thanks!

Mark, your ability to subtly abuse the English language knows no bounds. Congrats!


Simon -
Your Amy's witty remarks have made me chuckle (and outright guffaw) often enough that I really feel I owe her a drink. However after Googling the drive-time to Edmonton from St Louis and finding that it is over 1800 miles and 1 day 5 hours, I kinda nixed that option. So instead I'm sending her an imaginary drink of her choice, I'm crossing my fingers it's a Scotch:) Enjoy!


Finally got a chance to watch the vid at home.


That visiting dog finally decided it was time to use a power-up, made Jango his b*itch. (I censored that for you because you said your work filters are ratcheting down pretty tight. Oh, can I say, "tight?")


Moonshot, Google, in its heartless cruelty, always assumes you're going to stay awake for the entire trip, regardless of how long the journey. 1800 miles is not insurmountable, but to do it all in just over a single day would probably lead to your flaming death in a ditch in the middle of Saskatchewan as you came within sight of the Alberta provincial border. I'm happy to hear you'll stay home for now. My darling wife's not a scotch drinker at all, so I'll selflessly have the drink on her behalf. Thanks!

Mark, if my network security could decipher context as well as spelling, I'd be sitting here with no access to the internet at ALL!

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