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Thursday, 15 February 2007



I wonder if the advice regarding snow down ones back is derived from personal experience?

Wonderful pictures. It's great to have to have you back!

Moksha Gren

Stunningly serene snow scenery, Simon. It makes me miss the mountains [sigh].

Actually, though...some of that scenery is just too damned perfect. Someone should build a highway through the center of it. ;)


Tal, your insight serves you well.

Moksha, there's an element of my job that I struggle with due to those same observations. Meant lightly in this context, I know, but still.

Moksha Gren

There needs to be balance, of course. But every highway I've ever driven on was once pristine, untouched land. And I'm pretty darn happy to be able to travel as quickly and smoothly as I do. It's sad to know that asphalt will be replacing the trees. But I don't think it's inappropriate if done correctly.

However, that's not going to stop me from calling you Simon Once-ler ;)


My wife's father calls his stepson, a civil engineer, a "raper of the land." Mostly jokingly.

So, I guess my question about the virgin forest remaining so is now answered.


Pretty pitchers Si, thanks for sharing. Although I cant imagine driving that straight stretch all that time...
You look like Aaron with a hat on. More like Aaron.


I really need to get to the mountains again sometime soon.


Lovely to see some snow. We've had a completely brown winter here in Minnesota, so far. Except for the occasional dusting. I think I have the same jacket.


Beautiful pictures...I especially like the one looking up to the trees. They look like furry monsters (too much Sesame Street today).

You added me to your blogroll! I'm all verklempt!


Moksha, I'm trying like hell to figure out that Once-ler thing, but just can't. Somebody needs to get out the Two by Four of Obviousness.

Mark, we mostly don't think about what we do to the land. So there's a balance there.

Linda, Aaron sure is a handsome devil, isn't he?

Terri, I need to spend a lot more time out of doors too.

Marian, it's this time of year I can't wait for the winter to end, but I'm always glad to have the snow.

JuJuBee, I did call you a Fatty Fat Fat on your own site. I figure that makes us pretty close, hence the blog roll thing.


Fair enough.

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