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Wednesday, 21 February 2007



You look a whole lot better now than as a kid, for sure. Too bad about the frostbite of the follicles. We all learn there's a piper to be paid for our foibles in adolescence...


Sage words on the comb over. I shave my own pate from time to time and the rest of the time I have kept my hair so short that I haven't had to brush or comb it in years.


In Si's case, wil, it's a bagpiper.

Yeah, Simon, with a healthier dose of confidence, a lot of us would have had more dates in high school. Not saying that was your problem, of course, but ending up "just friends" is pretty easy when one never tries.

But, it all worked out great, so no complaints. Plus, we were at lower risk of contracting a disease or knocking somebody up.

I say the kilt was a cover for your true roots, and we should call you Dominican Si from now on.

Moksha Gren

That is some purdy hair your senior high school year. Luckily, I never had great hair to begin with, so it hasn't pained me too much to see it go.

When my hair first began its retreat, I made a deal with myself. I could either go out and start my Rogain or I could make a commitment to stay in shape. Bald with a good physique can be sexy (Picard, Willis, etc), but bald and fat is...well...it just doesn't work for me.

And though you distanced yourself from it, I was glad to see some tie-dye show up. My entire high school wardrobe was tie-dye shirts (a few tie-dye pants) and rope sandles.

And finally. Hurray for the buzz cut! Sure, the senior picture hair was swell...but you look great in stubble, sir.


"The Rise and Follicle..."

Sorry. Had to.


wil, I'm fine with paying the price of my hair. It's easier to eschew vanity when some of the options are taken away.

Alvis, and you look fabulous with such good taste in shorn locks. I'm in good company.

Mark, the DR was a great place to visit, but I'll always trace my roots to a more northerly clime. And don't be bothered about your 'Follicle' comment -- cheesy interjections are always welcome here.

Moksha, so now I just have to reassert my own commitment to get back (and stay) in shape. Stubble is definitely the way to go. Sexy AND low maintenance!

Émilie B

Dude, I thought you were blond!


Wow, when it went,(the hairline) it went fast, no? Love the DR pic, hotter than a pepper sprout!
Mark, ha!


I saw that grade 12 picture, and my first thought was, "oh, there's a picture of Simon...except someone's drawn hair on his head."


We all age Simon! Some of us grow outwards, some of us lose hair, some of us get grey hair.

It's what makes you, YOU!

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