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Tuesday, 20 February 2007



*ROTFL* Love the pictures Simon!! Where's the mullet though??


Loving these pictures! It's a flashback too all the guys I knew growing up.


The picture with the white jeans accurately portrays most of the women that One Wink works with...no kidding, ask her. At least you had the sense to move on from that look. If it makes you feel any better, Madeline was on my lap and asked, "Who dat guy?" when that pic came up.


My abs are hurting from absorbing all the laughter sparked by that 7th-grade pic and accompanying comments on it and the 8th-grade shot.

This is priceless, and I admit now I want to trot mine out for some fun. Mine will have to wait a while, as they're all at my parents' house.

One thing you had going for you? You never seemed to fall victim to the home perm. For that you should be forever grateful.


Wow, this was actually kind of painful for me, having just lived throught this series in the flesh with my own progeny. It's very relieving for me to sort of know you as an adult.

Also, and remember this now, Amy, it is NOT RIGHT for a mother to try to dictate what a child wears after, say, third grade.

Camel-toe! ha!

Moksha Gren

You're a brave man, Si.

I remember a few years after my folks got divorced, Mom came over to Dad's house so they could sit down and split up childhood pictures of my brother and me. Most of the kid pics were fought over in a friendly way until the pictures of me in my junior high school years. They tried to be smooth about it...but the arguements slowly shifted from, "I want that one," to "No, seriously, you can have that one....please take that one." The good news is that no matter how awkward Norah's early teen years may get...I can always pull out thost photos and say, "See...it could be worse. And even I turned out just fine."


Dave, the mullet was back in the previous day's post. Look for it. It's there.

Ju, thanks for the reassurance. I really do appreciate that.

Mark, that pants comment was for you. I really am sorry. (now) I never did do the home perm thing, but I did have a small pony tail for a while, which I'm leaving out of these to preserve some vestiges of dignity.

Marian, I think Amy and I will be kinder to our kids in their choices of what to wear at school.

Moksha, I'm still hoping to turn out fine. Getting there. And a darn sight further along than I was in these pics. So that's some progress at least.


Simon, take comfort, sweetheart. I have the worst growing up pictures in the history of the world. You'll have to take my word for it cause you'll never get the chance to decide for youself! It's sooo cool to see your face developing into the one I'm familiar with now. I was worried up until aboot 6th grade, cause you looked like someone else! I can see hints of Dex around your eyes here and there.
I wondered if that jeans rip was for Mark...
Ju, ha ha. There are not THAT many women who look like that where I work. Maybe 6 or 7 but that was funny!


Your poor Mother sure takes a beating in some of your posts. I bet she's a really nice person despite how she used to dress her kids. Yeah, and she's probably having a good laugh at these pages of history as well.


This thread may be too dead for this now, but here's a link to the aforementioned jeans that Simon and Linda (and maybe someone else?) reference above.


It kind of does look like you have a mullet in that 7th grade picture. You would have fit right in the southern U.S.

Say, "Ya'll." Just try it. :)


You know it's going to be bad when your parent refers to your pants as "slacks".

As a consolation, no one I know can look at their junior high photos and not run away screaming. You just want to go bad and tell yourself that things won't suck forever, and maybe someday you might be cool. Or marry someone cool. Either way is good. :)

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