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Monday, 19 February 2007


Moksha Gren

I've always found it amazing how impossible it is to look at a child and determine what s/he will look like when grown...but looking at an adult's childhood pictures seems so eerie becasue you can see the inevitable peering through. From the first picture onward...the Simian Farmer we know and love is peeking at us from over 20 years ago. Very cool.


Now that you've tortured us with your past pictures, I feel I must do the same. But you were so darn cute.


Love it.

It's official. You rule.


Well, shoot, Simon. You have a great photographic record of your hair.

Whatever you discovered between grades 2 and grade 3, it must have tasted good.

Moksha Gren

I kept looking at that Grade 2 pic and trying to figure out who you reminded me of. And suddenly it hit me...I was expecting to hear the second grade Simon start talking about the angels of Iego or the secret pod racer he's bulding.


Love this, Si. Immensely.
I sooo would have traded my first grade boyfriend, Leslie Bender for the likes of you. He was beautiful too, but alas, was a thumb-sucker. Which don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with that. But not in first grade and not in front of your girlfriend.


The outfit in your baby picture seems very Star Wars-esque! No wonder you developed the obsession!

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