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Friday, 23 February 2007



It takes a very special person to write something like that without being hopped up on drugs.

Is that one of yours? If so, what was your inspiration? A misspoken line from Dex?


Great poem - but sad. Poor Potato.


Be obscure clearly.

EB White

Moksha Gren

Beautifully written, Simon. Is it just a sad tale of a particulalry odd elephant, or an origin story for potatoes?


Very good.....though I'm a little bummed out over the ending. Good thing I didn't read it to the kids!


Mark, it is one of mine. I got to thinking about the characters on the second Ice Age movie, and specifically the mammoth who hangs out in trees and thinks she's a possum. And Dex has now taken to calling Tavish Mr. Potato-head, so I just ran with it.

Moksha, I never thought of it as an origin story for potatoes. (It would probably have to have been an Irish elephant for that, and now that's totally outside the realm of possibility!) When in doubt, take the 'odd' assumption with me. Always safest.


Holy moly.... that was outstanding if you wrote it yourself Simon!!!


You should write a children's book and let Amy stamp the illustrations.

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