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Friday, 09 February 2007



Wow, you're serious aboot this. I'm impressed by your passion. And amused by your analogy.


I have to say that I don't mind giving whole blood, but giving blood components, when they take something out, spin it around and pump parts of it back into you -- that freaks me out a bit. Something just not right about it. I'd almost rather, if they only wanted bits of things, that they threw out the rest, rather than pumping it back into me. Seems unnatural, whereas just bleeding whole blood seems like something (at least for a woman) that goes on all the time. God, all the time.

Moksha Gren

I'm such a wuss...and posts like this make me feel appropriately guilty for my wussdom. As a piercing enthusiast, I have no problem with needles. I don't really even have a problem with blood. However, something about blood flowing through tubes and collecting in a bag just makes me go all woozy. I gave blood once in high school with no problem, but these days when I have to give a small vial for my annual diabetes scan, I get a bit light headed. And I mean a tiny vial!

I've been working myself up to trying again. I've sat with Moonshot while she gives platelettes so I'm slowly getting myself used to the idea. Baby-steps to bleeding.

I really like your thinking on this, too. To further tap this market, I'd suggest the Blood Service work out a deal with World of Warcraft in which blood donation credits can be exchanged for cool in-game swag. WoW gets a charity push in the news, folks get better blood supplies, and gamers get not only Blood Donation Level-Ups, but functional toys to boot. Brilliant, Simon!


Linda, I am quite serious about how easy it is to do something to help save lives. There are a lot of people who don't qualify because of medications, health issues, pregnancy and the like. Not to mention that the probing sexual interrogation is a big turn off for some. If you can get past that, I find it becomes hard to stop.

Marian, I wish I could feel your particular pain, but of course I just can't get there. (And I'm not wishing too, too hard either :)

Moksha, I hadn't even thought of tying ACTUAL gaming swag to donating. If all some WoW gamers would have to do to earn in-game treats is roll up a sleeve every couple months, they'd be coming out in droves!


Good ideas! I'd love to give blood but I've spent too much time in Europe to be eligible (mad cow and all that). I know some provinces will accept me because they can now test for it but I don't think it has come to Quebec yet.


I used to donate blood all the time, and then I started getting tattoo's and they didn't want my blood. Then once I passed the wait after my last tat, I got pregnant. One day, when I'm done decorating myself and having babies, I'll get back to it.

By the way, I saw you the other day at Greenwoods! I was waiting in line to see Guy Kay right behind you, but once I realized who you were and why you were so familiar to me, I was overcome with crippling shyness and had to hide among the comforting SciFi/Fantasy section.


We used to donate all the time. Really must get back to it. Good for you!!!

Jenn, I saw a fellow blogger in my city once too and was to shy to say anything. I hate that!


I'm afraid I'm only a level 2 donator myself. Next time I go, I can only tell the staff: "I cast magic missile!"

I still have to laugh (with some sympathy) when I remember the first time I donated. The young lady in front of me was terrified but determined, and so proud of herself when she was finally done. Of course, she nearly fainted when she then realized the tiny test vial they'd just taken from her fingertip at the beginning was not, in fact, the entire donation...


LOL Alec!


I just gave for the first time last year, and it was fulfilling. Plus, the snacks I got were sweet and the break from work was divine (our company lets the local blood donation center park its van right out front so we can give more easily.

Now I know why I've seen some folks with golf-ball size hematomas. Not because they're freaks of nature, but because they give blood. Which, according to the statistics you cite, makes them freaks of another sort.


Shoot, you know Simon I was feeling really proud of myself in the blood donation area - until I read your post. You KEENER! I donate blood since my time is at a premium and don't volunteer, and I can't donate as much cash as I'd like to charities that matter to me.

Blood donation is relatively fast, and free, so as far as I'm concerned there's no excuse to not do it - for me.

But platelets or plasma? Shoot, that's going the distance. All I've got is my measley 10 times pin. But, isn't every 60 days that you can donate, not 2 months?


Jenn, you totally should have tapped me on the shoulder or something. I only usually bite my wife.

Alec, you should also claim to attack the darkness while asking where the Mountain Dew is. That'll get 'em!

Mark, I love bein' a freak. I'm a super freak, a super freak... I'm super freaky.

Tal, for whole blood it's officially eight weeks between donations. So, 56 days. You say potato...

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