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Tuesday, 27 February 2007



I loved this one. Ben sometimes tells us, "I've got a burger in my nose."

That's gotta hurt.

Now, if anyone has any tips on teaching a toddler how to blow his nose, I'll listen intently.


LOL. Boy I'm glad my kids are all grown up. You guys are all on your own. Binder Dundat.

Moksha Gren

The cleaning may be wise. I mean...who knows how many burgers may have been picked throughout the house...hiding in remotes spots. And you've got enough scraping to do on your porch without having to worry about scraping all your windows and under all your tables and chairs.

Mark - Canned Air, buddy. If Ben can't blow 'em out...just blow 'em back in ;)


At some point a year or two ago I discovered two spots in the house - one beside Matt's bed, and the other beside the chair he sits in to watch TV - where a substantial collection of former phlegmatory material had been casually transferred from finger to wall. Do you have any idea how difficult several month old cured snot is to wipe up?


I used to babysit a little guy who would always use the wall behind the toy box as his own personal tissue....no matter how many times I blowed his nose, he always went back.

Diva still says Cheesebooger.


Heh. I'd be chipping away at that as opposed to wiping, I think.

As for housecleaning, you might be facetious, but I totally buy into the idea. We're considering it ourselves. I'd rather not fight about housework, and if $30 every other week will cure it, then I'm increasingly thinking that it's not a bad idea...

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