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Wednesday, 07 February 2007



Yay for you Dude! I'm jealous. Mostly because I've been trying to work the word "ostensibly" into a post for awhile now and as yet, been unsuccessful. But jealous of the road trip and the new digs as well. :-)


That's good news, Simon. Long road trips can be cathartic.

Oh, and the increasing fulfillment in your job role is great, too. We all could use a little more of that (or a lot, as the case may be is).

Moksha Gren

Good news all around. New scenery for your office and new scenery from a road trip. And all wrapped up in a convienent job-satisfaction carrying case. That's hard to beat, my friend.


zoomier-- great word. Happy for you, bud.


Linda, this is long overdue in my mind, so it can't come quite quickly enough. I'll be looking for that word in your future posts.

Mark, reading your comment, I'm made to think that long road trips are actually carthartic.

Moksha, hard to beat, yes. But I bet a cool million bucks would do the job. Bonus time, maybe?

Marian, I'm happy for me too, thanks!


Believe it or not, I've actually been in Tumbler Ridge. I was tree planting in the wilderness between Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd (possibly in one of the clear cuts in the photos you have posted here). One evening I went and visited my brother who happened to be having a day off in Tumbler (he was tree planting for a rival company). At the time, it appeared to be a nice, new. well-kept town. They had a nice aquatic/sports centre.

In the intervening years, the town died after its industry shut down/moved on and real estate could be purchased at rock-bottom prices, and then it was resurrected as a resort town. Those lucky bastards who had the sense to purchase real estate when the town was down and out are laughing all the way to the bank now. If they're getting a coal mine in the area, they may die from laughter.

All that to say, that if you stay in Tumbler Ridge, you may end up staying in quite nice lodgings.

On the other hand, if you stay in Chetwynd, (a seedy logging town with a legendary hatred for tree planters) you may indeed stay in a questionable motel.

However, if you do stay in Chetwynd, look for a hotel across the highway from a 7-11. The hotel will be somewhat run-down and will appear to have around 5 different bars scattered under its roof. If you find this hotel (I never knew its name), go to the restaurant within and order a High Country Burger. Its massive and delicious.


Looks like there's a High Country Inn in Chetwynd, so it would make sense that they serve the High Country Burger, wouldn't it?


Marc, I've always found the loggers' hatred for the planters rather ironic. A short-sighted attitude of biting the hand that feeds. But I've never been involved in either industry, so what do I know?

I already booked myself at the Wilderness Lodge on the recommendation of my client contact with the coal company, and there isn't even a restaurant in the lodge. I did find out that the hotel across the street has a restaurant, and if I can find a High Country burger, rest assured I'll devour one with you in mind.


Marc - How many times have you heard this: "Is that with a 'K' or a 'C'?

Yeah, me too.

Simon - It seems my web host is down right now, and has been for about 15 minutes (or, at least, I can't get to their main page nor my blog), so I guess I should stop lambasting Blogger quite so much.

Not much excuse for a major, non-free web host with a six-page layout in PC Magazine to be down for a whole 15 minutes.


Ah, the consonant curse of Marcks, Ericks and Kcatherines the world over. Makes me happy to be a Psymon.

15 minutes, Mark? Hell, I don't know what I'd do!


One more good reason to let the bloodletting begin: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070214/hl_nm/bloodletting_heart_dc

'Cause, ya' know, altruism and a cookie ain't always enough... *wink*

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