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Monday, 05 February 2007


Alec Lynch

Excellent post as always. Few can make a discussion of backyard excrement so eloquent. I wonder though, at one point does it just become easier to lay down a fresh layer of sod and think oneself clever for gathering so much free fertilizer?

-Alec (who will be keeping his eyes open for expansion packs in anticipation of the next time Evil has a chance to call)

Moksha Gren

Between this site and Breed 'em and Weep, I'm beginning to think of poo-lit as some sort of new non-fiction genre. Such passion, such eloquence, such stench.

A pickle on the window? eh?

Glad you enjoyed your freedom and relieved the Beastmaster-like wings of the roof-perched Diablo were tamed. The devil can be a fun playmate...in controlled doses.

Moonshot and I were discussing your date. Yes, we wile away our evenings discussing the finer points of your life, Simon. Ya see, Moonshot has certainly spent quailty alone time with friends of mine. And I have gone to dinner and caught a movie with married female friends. However, we would both stop short of calling such things dates. However, you causual fling about the word "date" and then avoid any discussion of the details of said "date." And although your "randiness" toward the end of last week speaks well of the innocent nature of this get-together, we're concerned that the devil on your rooftop may have skipped the digital temptation and instead focused its attentions elsewhere. Please reassure us so that our dinner conversation can return to the normal, "You know...for a guy who discusses poo so much, that Simon seems like a nice guy."


Aren't we overdoing it with the "snew?"


Alec, I may have to look into the poo-sod option come the spring. Can you lay sod directly over top of a concrete patio? Perhaps I'll be the first.

Moksha, I am thankful that Amy and I know where we can and can't speak casually about our mixed-gender relationships. The dinner I had on Wednesday was with a gal whom Amy and I both consider a friend, though she was Amy's first and so mine by association. All three of us have discussed oral sex while in the same room (uh, the living room), and while that may appear, at first, to be a counter-argument to the dinner I had on Wednesday, it more clearly defines for us where certain uncrossable boundaries lie.

Case in point: early on in our budding relationship, I made the grave mistake of going for lunch with an ex-flame who happened to be in town. Strictly casual, just catching up, but the ramifications of that date were the closest we've ever come to being on seriously shaky ground. Bad as it was, it crystallised where certain boundaries lay.

I'm sad now though. I've spent so many years trying to get away from the 'nice guy' stigma that it pains me to reassert its presence.

Paul, no. But I will stop now.


To play the game and prove you have control is an accomplishment worth sharing (I'm referring to Diablo and the "date" here).

Glad you managed to get a few things accomplished in the domestic realm. Too bad about the crap, though. Sounds like spring thaw should be rather interesting, and I'm glad I won't be there on the first hot day.

I was hoping for a "While You Were Out"-style video, but maybe next time.

Now, for that "How to Eat a Coffee Crisp" post. I'm ready to see it.


Is an abbreviated synopsis also known as 'synopis'?


I vote for the sod thing. Way easier to translate than the "geographic stratigraphy" crap.
Yay for stamping shelves! Wait, you did get them, right? At this point I hardly remember what you did accomplish and what you didn't. Whichever, it made for an interesting post.
Mokker, I can attest to the Simian's iron willpower. I showed up there Tuesday night, (more like early Wednesday morning), chilled to the bone in not much more than a trenchcoat and garter belt. He wrapped me in a blanket, fed me Reese's F***ing Toast (not even a Coffee Crisp) and chocolate milk and we watched cartoons for six and a half hours until I had to leave. Fatal blow to the old ego, that one was. Furthermore, I ruined a perfectly good pair of spike heels traipsing through the poop. (Had I known beforehand that he was "saving himself" for Amy's friend, I could have saved myself the trouble...)
Really glad though the fambly arrived home safely and are back in a normal routine.

Si, when you do get the yard shovelled or whatever it is that you do, keep an eye out for a black leather glove, I seem to be missing one. Thanks, Sweet ;-)


1) I feel so abandoned. (Not really. The devil's work is always ready for me.) Lemme know if you see a block of time you need to waste.

2) Alec, I have a new registration code for you to replace the one you sent me so if you do find an expansion pack, I got you covered.

Moksha Gren

What's wrong with being a nice guy? Sure, it's a killer when spoken by a woman you're wooing. But now that we've got wives that love us and kids to crawl on us...isn't it time we make peace with our inner niceness? Besides, if you were less nice...you wouldn't have been trusted to have a friendly dinner with Amy's friend. So, there are benifits.

I may pretend to hold onto my inner gren...but I don't really think I'm fooling anyone ;)


Mark, I'll get around to working on that video. Not sure when.

Linda, did you drop a pearl necklace too? Or should I just hawk it?

vinny, I'll let you know when I get another block of waste-able time. Um, 'later' is the best I can do right now. :)

Moksha, the knowledge that I'm a nice guy has never left me. And really, it's a weak offensive I put up against being so labelled. I'm not fooling myself, let alone anyone else!


Not mine. You're busted ;-)

Moksha Gren

Oops! Those pearls may have been mine, Si. I'll pick em up next time Amy goes out of town.


Oh yeah, like Amy's ever going to leave Simon home alone again. Unless of course, she's not on to us... But more than likely, she's probly wearing my glove and your pearls and snickering to herself right now. Amy darling, you look ravishing.


Yawn... do you insinuate infidelity as a ploy to draw in readers? ...pathetic. If you are cheating on your wife its just a matter of time until she finds out and leaves you - taking your two children with her. You won't feel so clever then. On the other hand if you aren't cheating on your wife surely you have some more interesting things in your life to make you feel readable? (Things that show a little more respect for your children and the woman who gave birth to them for you)


Hi Mike. Thanks for taking the time to comment. The sheer incongruousness of what you said presented me with the opportunity to turn it into a post all on its own. Tune in on Tuesday!


#1 I just want to say I like poo-lit and want to co-author the first book of its kind with Si.

#2 Si, can't wait for your Tuesday post. Mike, dude! WTF?!? Did I miss something?

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