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Thursday, 11 January 2007



You're a kind man and a brave one, Simon Fraser.

And taking two kids/infants on a plane across the country wi' your brother makes you perhaps just a wee bit mad, too.


Family means a lot in this crazy world. Very proud of your venture East. Pictures are a must you realize!


Sounds like a great adventure. I hope you guys are having a memorable time, if not always relaxing.

We out here are just discussing things like the first time we saw Star Wars.


I knew Ontario seemed a little bit cooler today! Enjoy your stay.

Moksha Gren

I hope the first leg of the journey went well and the 16 potty breaks for Dex went smoothly. Have a safe trip and bring back wonderful stories.


Why can't MY husband take my kids on a trip???

Have fun and GOOD LUCK.


Speaking as a member of (one of) the elder generations, this is the best gift your could ever hope to give your Gram. The sight of you four boys will keep her warm and happy for a long time to come.

Me and JuJu and Shannon and Moonshot are taking Amy out tonight. I'll get pics of her grabbing all of us. You know how she gets... Mark and Mokker and Mr. JuJu are home with Ben and Nora and my grandkids brainwashing them with Star Wars crap.


Rick, I embrace my insane side with a perfervid eagerness that makes the sensible me a little jealous at times.

Terri, I have more pics from the weekend than I know what to do with. Post some of 'em up here, most likely.

Mark, I was two and a half, and it was the first movie I ever saw in my whole life. Yeah, baby!

TAl, I think I left behind even colder, snowier weather when I left again. Sorry 'bout that!

Moksha, good math work on the potty break thing. He only wet his pants once on the trip, so hooray for him. I do have good stories.

JuJuBee, it was funner than I expected it to be, though still lots of hard work. Seeing my wee boy sit in the lap of his 82 year-old great grandmother was way cool and made everything so very worth the trip.

Linda, my gram's face when we walked unexpectedly in the door Thursday night was payment enough. The rest of the weekend was just icing. Yummy, yummy icing. Hope you guys had fun taking Amy out; she's been mum on the subject ever since we came home. (Never use Star Wars and crap in the same sentence EVER AGAIN!)

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