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Monday, 22 January 2007


Moksha Gren

Sorry to hear about your back, Si. I've been very lucky in that regard in that I very rarely have back issues...but I've certainly been there.

I remember when my Dad threw his back out, he'd hang from a ceiling joist on a construction site and sort of twist his waist about. The weight of his tool belt would help pull everything back. Now...I am in no way recommending this proceedure, but variations on the theme have helped me in the past and it's what your post made me think about.

Also, I'm thrilled to hear about your work. It's got to feel nice to work for people who both notice and care that you are not enjoying your current task. I hope if works out well. And I also hope you still find time for us when you start lovin' the work ;)


So that's where my backache went! I had it last week -- it was very unpleasant. But a good session of yoga and within 24 hours the pain was much less and then went away. It was the nerve-pain type that feels like it should start shooting down one's leg, but it never did. And then it went away... actually I think it was from feeling overburdened and then manifesting that physically.

Hanging from something, if you could arrange it, would certainly help. Hope it's better soon...

Glad to hear that things will be a bit less tedious at work, if that's what the change will mean.


My back's been killing me all week, too. I blame Moose Winooski's.


Simon dahling, we missed you terribly. (Or I did.) But since you were reading what looks to be a fabulous book, we will excuse you this once.
I certainly hope the new horizon in your vocational area works out the way you'd like.
And, as much, I hope the new discomfort in your posterior area works out the way you'd like. From the sounds of things, unlike some rather infamous characters of late, you might actually benefit from a bit of hanging ;-)


Moksha, since it's simply too hilarious not to share, let me say that the "belt" in the second sentence of your second paragraph is an incredibly important word to have where it is. (Too bad the person who pointed it out to me didn't deign to comment on that himself.) I'll look into the dangling thing, and more double entendres.

Marian, I very much hope less tedium is in the works at work. That's where I intend to steer, at any rate.

Paul, I think it was the portion sizes at the Moose. WTF was up with that?

Linda, I'm happy to have been missed. Especially if you were wielding a fire-arm. (Har!) It's an exceptionally good book. That man can write real good stuff and words. I join you in wishing the best for my ass.


Feel better. I have my own pained husband to care for, shoulder troubles though. He's miserble. Wish I could do something for him.


Isn't Guy the guy you met?

Dang, do back troubles run in tu familia?

Great news about work. If it means a little less activity out here (or even a lot), then so be it. I know how it feels to be disenfranchised a whole eight hours of the day.


Simon, I am giddy for you to finish this book. Is it bad that are the only other person I "know" who's reading, let alone who I can trade thoughts with about it? If so, I'm comfortable with that.

Good about work, and bad about back - but please! finish the book!

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