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Tuesday, 09 January 2007


Moksha Gren

I'm laughing all the harder at your conversation because I know that Moonshot has had to suffer through equally inane brain leakage from me. She smiles kindly, but I can almost hear the disbelief as it bounces around her brain, questioning what it was exactly that made her think I was a prime specimen of husband material.

Also...I have spent some time thinking about gas caps. I've had both driver and passenger and have no preference. However, I think that half the cars on the road should be passenger-capped and half should be driver-capped (with the odd smattering of rear-capped). This ratio ensure efficient traffic at the gas pump. If all cars were driver-capped...each station would have a side of the pump that was more popular...leading to odd and cumbersome u-turns in the parking lot.

That's my theory and I can't wait to discuss the details with my wife ;)


Totally agree with you on the Coffee Crisp thing. That is my favourite bar of all time and I would be lost without it.

As far at them building you a bike, that is my husbands dream. We were Harley owners before the kids came along and hubby (me too) misses it terribly. Someday, I tell him, someday!


So, I'm guessing you were smart enough to stop talking before you got to this part of the costume-search fantasy: http://otakubooty.bootyproject.org/images/members/17517.jpg


Moksha, part of the gas cap problem could be allayed by ensuring access to the pumps from both directions, though that's not always an options. A topic worthy of copious debate, to be sure!

Terri, the world is a richer place for the Coffee Crisp.

E-belle, I love you just a little more today for that. Thank you. If that were me in the Vader costume, my lightsabre would be pointing in the other direction.


Yummmm, Coffee Crisp. Looks good. I suppose I could find it online somewhere.

Hey, Terri, I've been to a couple of conventions here in the Dallas area, and there was never any white-hot costume like that.

I don't really care where my gas cap is; I'm just excited when I actually remember. I can't see it in the side mirrors on my car.

You know, in all his 3.5 years, Ben has never thought to pull up a chair for access to higher objects. He's pulled up his potty step-stool for access to a light switch, but only sporadically. Weird.


We have coffee crisps here in Michigan. :)


PD seems to like you, maybe he'll bequeath this to you... I say bequeath because, by the time you get the time to learn to ride, PD will be too old to use it (the suit)
What, did your brain plop into aboot five different pieces today or did you just wake up feeling random today?
Lord you have a gift for describing the actions of children. I'm in awe every time you show off like this. Bet that water tasted like champagne.
Hope you have a safe trip. Don't forget what I asked you...
Don't you love the way Mokker's brain works?


I just found the Coffee Crisp website, and it says Nestle unleased the candy bar across the U.S. in late July 2006.

Find it in your state by clicking here.



Moksha Gren

Well, that settles it, Simon. Coffe Crisp is here. I'll keep an eye on the real estate down here for ya!


Does anyone else find it horrifying that there is actually a Coffee-Crisp blog?


Mark, I bet that if you find yourself a Coffee Crisp to eat you'll start remembering where you gas cap is. Coffee Crisp has magical powers, dontcha know. Also, you do us all a great service by supplying that link for newbies to discover the wonder that is the Coffee Crisp. Thank you.

Deanna, you are a fortunate woman!

Linda, I would love your husband forever were that wonder to be bequeathed to me. Don't tease like that! And, uh, you'll have to remind me what it was that you asked me because I seem already to have forgotten.

Moksha, I'll need at least a 3-bedroom with (preferably) a finished basement. Wood burning fireplace would be nice, and a west-facing backyard to catch the sunsets is ideal. Thanks!

Marian, I don't think you've ever had one, else you'd not ask such a heretical question! Blasphemer!! (It's okay though, I still love you.)


1) Tell Aaron I said hey (I knew you weren't paying attention!)
2) The perfect house is right down my street. Comes with house-call babysitting. We could yell across aboot four yards on our back porches while watching the sunset.
3) You buy the house, move in, the suit is yours.


I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I think Coffee Crisp is totally grim. I like coffee, but nothing coffee-flavored - go figure.
But if the thought of not having this chocolate bar keeps you from moving to the States, I'm all for it. I too like the Americans, but we Canadians have our good points too...


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