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Friday, 05 January 2007



Declan has the most contagious giggle ever!

And that song isn't half bad.


So, the other day when you visited my blog, and said, "damn you to heck!" I wasn't sure what you meant...

Moksha Gren

Hmmm. It's telling me that "The video is not currently availible. Please try again later." On the plus side...I don't have any song stuck in my head ;)


Terri, it's very hard to resist the sound of that boy laughing. We stopped trying ages ago.

Paul, hopefully now you know and have that little ditty whiling away time in your own head.

Moksha, you will. Oh yes... you will.

Moksha Gren

Egad! I'm left wondering if the cute was worth the price. Granted, there was alot of cute in that video...but...but..la la hee hee da da da. You even warned me and I can't help but feel like I got tricked somehow. la la hee he da da da

La La La Dee Dah Dee Dah Linda

What a wonderful way to start my morning. I especially enjoyed the look on Tavish's face when he snagged the ball. It's interesting to me how he seems to offer up his toys to something or someone up high... As for that bouncy contraption, are they available in adult-size? I'd like to get one for Poopy Doo.


Linda, it's available, and it's called the Love Swing.

Simon, little Dex has some insane dancing moves. Obviously, he loves Peekaboo.

I must know more about that piece of art with the sad face. Intriguing, and it draws me in much like Moksha's photo of his living room.

Tav's really moving around now! And around, and around... When I see videos like that, it makes me a little sad for Ben that he's an only child. But also glad that I wasn't and that I'm a good dad who enjoys playing with his son.


Mark, I had to watch again to figure out what you were talking about. It's not a piece of art per se, but rather a decorative plant holder thingie. Up close, it looks like an Ent holding his arms up in such a way that you can place a small, potted plant in them. It was a gift from one of Amy's girlfriends. We have a small cactus in there that we've watered only once since we got it, like, over a year ago.

So, basically, it's an Ent holding a dead cactus.


I forget these days that you aren't just reading my mind, and I have to actually comment for you to know what I think. I loved this! Those are the cutest damn kids ever.

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