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Wednesday, 24 January 2007



I loved that movie! Thanks for bringing it up, I may have to rent it again.

We should have traded bikes. I had a mean green bike with apehanger bars and a big banana seat with a high sissy bar on the back.

Moksha Gren

1. I can get lost watching fluid move for hours. Explaining to people why it's so freakishly fascinating is, however, very difficult if they don't get it.

2. I knew a guy in college whose claim to fame was his ability to eat buffalo chicken wings...bones and all. It was oddly entertaining in a college cafateria sort of way.

3.Um...I got nothin'

4. When I lived in the French Quarter, we all went to a second hand shop and bought cheap bikes. Mine was a beautiful blue girl-bike that got me many strange looks. I didn't care...it got me where I needed to go. I named her "Kaluza's Dream" since it would require at least five dimensions to describe the various ways she wobbled and vibrated.

5. Nice finish. And congrats.

Stamp Club - I join Amy in shaking my head (although I secretly laughed at rule 4)


I, too, like rule 4. My wife sometimes hosts Bunco here at our house, and is in a women's book club. At first, when either of these is held at our house, I was completely banished from the house.

I'll do the five things, too. One of them happened during my banishment, and forever changed that rule. I just hope I haven't already written about it.


What a hilarious post. Hate to burst your bubble dude, but Stamping and No Shirt can be way treacherous. Some women get really vigorous with those little blocks of wood. Not to mention the ink pads. Oh and the paper cutters. God forbid... You'll have to confer with Mokker about Piano Night Banishing Activities for Children and Fathers. Maybe you could organize a chapter of Fight Club. Ssshhh. (That's one of my favorite movies. Which reminds me, Hazel borrowed it months ago...)

Moksha Gren

Just wanted to swing by and wish you enjoyable haggis!


Tonight's your Big Night Simon and I'm late and you're probly gone. I wanted to wish you a wonderful time. Looking forward to reading details and seeing pictures later.
And hope your back is feeling up to the occasion.


Moksha & Linda,

It's Friday night, actually, that's the dinner. The local Burns society strayed away from hosting the dinners always on the 25th since it proved too hard for the septuagenarians to stay up that late on a school night... or something like that. So now it's always on the closest convenient weekend day. But it will be great fun, I assure you.

Moksha Gren

Well then why in the hell have you been drilling into our heads for the last month that this shindig is "exacly one month after Christmas"? I was all proud of myself (and proud of Linda as well) for taking such care to remember these things that matter to our friend Simon. And then it turns out you'd been playing sloppy with the dates.

Fine. Then enjoy your haggis TONIGHT.


*red face* Simon actually DID painstakingly explain the exact formula for deciphering the celebration day to me and I still got it wrong... Never again, though. ;-)


Excellent. On your knees and crying is the best way to laugh.


The seventh rule of stamp club is: if you've never been to stamp club, you can't make rules about stamp club.

See you at the next stamp club meeting! :)

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