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Monday, 29 January 2007



I had to re-read the first sentence in the second full paragraph. What are "heaving pants," and do they make heaving any more comfortable? I don't heave often, but I certainly would want the right trousers (we all know from Wallace and Gromit what can happen when we wear "The Wrong Trousers.")

I could almost see your "small sense of relief" flitting about the house. I saw the sunlight glinting off its tiny wings. Wait, I forgot the sun never shines in winter where you are. Sorry.

Couldn't resist Diablo's siren song, eh?

Doing laundry already, though. Nice work.

Now, just don't go set up a secondlife account. Oh, I shouldn't have said that.

Can't wait for Burns Night!

Moksha Gren

I'll admit...I'm nervous. Happy for the laundry, happy that you're planning to write about Burns Night. But the looming spectre of Diablo has folded its sinister bat-wings over the Fraser home in Amy's absence. Now the question is...does the Simian have the will power to use his drug of choice responsibly? The time and effort you put into your descriptions above give me hope...but, I'm nervous.

"TRUE! - nervous - very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?"

Mark - Now that you mention it, I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with Simon discussing his heaving pants.


Mark, that did sound awkward, so I changed the sentence. Now it's your comment that makes no sense! Ha-HA!!

The sun doesn't shine during the winter up here in much the same way that every single Texan own at least one gun. (Waitaminnit... that's probably not a good analogy.)

I've never touched Second Life, nor do I intend to. In fact:

Moksha, your description of Diablo's effect on me reminded me of those cool winged beasts from that high quality '80s movie, Beastmaster. They wrap their wings about their prey and POOF!, five seconds later they're naught but a pile of bones. Will a pixellated demon have its way with my psyche in much the same way, or will I evade the temptation? Tune in next week...



PS -- I finally 'get' what you were talking about with the coffee pot thing. Funny boys. Good song; can't get it outta my head.

Moksha Gren

As a wee lad those winged critters from Beastmaster were some of my favorite fantasy creations. Horrifying and mesmerizing in the same instant. Sadly, I now try to avoid that film at all costs. Sometimes half-remembered nostalgia is better than fully relived cheese.

Welcome to the Proper Coffe Club


Geezus, I read this like six times looking for heaving pants. Don't do that to me again.


Simon - I'm not in Secondlife, either, and I just laughed out loud at the link you provided.

But, you're a complete ass for changing the wording in your post. ;)

I agree, Moksha's imagery was vivid.

Linda, admit it, you've never pushed away a pair of heaving pants.


I looked at the SecondLife because a friend was bragging it up. FREAKY!


me too, looking for the heaving pants.

anyway - can totally relate to the foreign territory thing. takes me 24 hours to get used to it every time I'm alone for a few days.


Uh, Mark. I'd like to have just a little word with you, Dude. Here, step around the corner here. It'll just take a second. The rest of you, carry on. Mark will be back... yeah, in uh, uh... a little while.
*scuffle, thwap, scuffle*
(overheard- "When you gonna learn to respect your elders? Huh? huh? When?!)


Linda - (voice of the little bully in A Christmas Story after Scut Farkus punches his arm) Ow, man.


Mark, ok, just so's you know where I'm coming from... I'm over it. You ok?

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