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Tuesday, 02 January 2007


Cheeseburger Brown

Dear Simon,

Happy New Year!

You're good -- I haven't even downloaded the holidays pictures from my camera yet.

Cheeseburger Brown

Moksha Gren

Wonderful pictures, Simon. Lots of cute ones of the kids and the tree pic is really beautiful...looks like a painting.

What? No pictures of the shop-vac?

Hope your first day back at work is going well. If I recall, you should be on a new project this week.


Great shots. Happy New Year to you!


Great photos, Simon. An impressive logistical feat, getting all your CDs ripped and iPoded before heading back to work; got any pipe bands on there?

And now, with all these preliminary festivites out of the way, you can look forward with uncomplicated anticipation to the 25th and drinking to the Immortal Memory.


CBB, I have a habit of staying up too late, which is what got my pics downloaded in such a timely manner. Sleep is for wimps.

Moksha, I'm trying to purge the shop-vac from my memory. The laundry room is sporting a fancy new washer / dryer pair, courtesy of some Christmas money from the in-laws and I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the concrete with Lysol to remove the last of the stains before installing the new units. Let's just pretend it never happened, shall we? :) I'm still in a little bit of limbo in regards to a new project, but there will be some sorts of changes 'round here before too long, mark my words.

Terri, a very happy new year to you, too!

Rick, sad to say I've only a single pipe band CD, which did, of course, make its way onto the iPod, though I'll have to stock up on more in the near future. Not sure what a perusal of the iTunes store will yield in terms of droning wails, but I can always hope. With about three weeks until the toast to the Immortal Memory, my palate is already slavering for a wee dram and a healthy serving of haggis and neeps.


Have I told you how adorable those kids are? And apparently, you have a future plumber in the midst, so you'll know who to call the next time the sewer backs up!

Happy new year! Consider your ass happy-slapped back.


I notice Rick didn't mention that he too got an ipod for christmas...
These are great photos. They're all my favorites -- just perfect. Well documented, Simon. That Tavish is quite a chunk, isn't he? Reminds me of Max at that age, only blonder. And how can your couches look so clean, when, well, you know...


Marian, the colour of the couches and the relative distance from the camera create an illusion that I would fain were reality. Closer inspection and a hearty sniff quickly dispel any notions of Mary Poppins having recently visited. Our living room is multi-sensory experience.

And Tasha, you may have mentioned the kids' cuteness, but I intentionally purge most such comments from my mind so that I may enjoy them anew every time I hear them. Thanks for the happy ass-slap in return.


Now I understand why you'n Mark were so all fired-up aboot slappin ass last week. But you said "arse" then, what's the difference?
These are great pictures! Marian calling Tav "quite a chunk" LOL And Tasha, future plumber, good one :-)
I love to come home from work and sit down with a bag of Fritos and sit back and enjoy your family :-) and laugh at your words.


I'm late to the game this time. Just took some time off computing today.

Great shots, Simon. We've become quite lax in our pic shootery.

My favorite funny one was the pic of you toting the boys from the room. Favorite scenic was the tree.

Tavish never misses a meal.

Moksha Gren

Dig the new banner, Si.


Love the ass crack shot...perfect for showing the girlfriend when he starts to date ;)


Linda, no difference, really, between ass and arse. The latter may just be an attempt to be slightly less vulgar. In contrast though, I'd never refer to a "fine piece of arse." So there is some difference.

Mark, time off from computing was hard for me to endure over the holidays. I seem to be getting back into it with a vengeance. Sweet glow of the computer, how I missed thee!

Moksha, that pic is very fresh from last night when I found Tav perambulating amidst a forest of table and chair legs. Though he can't stand on his own yet, he has a freakishly strong monkey grip and will be pulling himself up in no time. (He can get as far as his knees now.)

JuJu, I will have so much dirt on our boys by the time they're dating age that they will be the best-behaved teens in the country, mark my words.

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