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Sunday, 17 December 2006



I laughed so loudly I woke my wife in the next room! You go, Amy!


I knew Amy was cool, you knew Amy was cool, now VP wife knows too. You'll be getting invited to all kinds of company functions now.
(I know my presence is merely tolerated here, as I am not a big SW fan. In fact I was totally oblivious to this groping scene.
And I was not aware of the verb usage of Han.)


I'm a little ashamed that I didn't know about that one. Hilarious!

Amy is cool. Very cool.


Hee hee. Promotion in the new year, I'll be bound ;-)

Moksha Gren

I believe this is the second time since I've been following along that this sort of thing has happened when you and Amy hit the town. I sense a pattern developing...a very, very cool pattern.

And how did I not know about this groping scene? I join Mark in shame. A huge tip of my Jedi hat to Amy for making a Star Wars reference that would have whooshed me.


I noticed that too, MG, but didn't want to draw attention. If I'd said it, it might have appeared that I was jealous or accusatory or something. But since you said it, it just seems like you're a guy. ;-)

Moksha Gren

Si - I wanted to share something I thought would interest you. It's totally unrelated to your blog post, so maybe I should have just emailed, but it's much more fun to include everyone.

As I mentioned over at Mark's place, I've just recently given up my vow against alcohol. In that spirit, Moonshot and I have been sampling and aquiring a taste for various liqours that we had never tried before. Moonshot and Jet just gifted me with my first bottles of Scotch. We sampled it and toasted you. While we didn't have any cookies to dunk...we very much enjoyed the experience. Thought you'd be pleased.


Mark, Moksha... I'm surprised that the "Han cops a feel while trying to hot-wire the bunker on Endor" scene isn't etched into your brains. For shame!

And, uh, Linda, is there really a theme coming out with social events? I'll have to take note!

Moksha, I am inordinately pleased to know that I have been toasted by people I've never met, one of whom at least just jumped vigorously off the wagon. I'd be interested to know what the scotch was. Just curiosity, mind. I do so love a good scotch.


There's something important you left out, Simon. Is the VP's wife hawt?



Moksha Gren

I figured you'd be pleased. Moonshot got me a bottle of Aberlour 10-year and Jet got me a bottle of Glenmorangie 10-year. We tried the Aberlour last night and will sample the Glenmorangie tonight. Any recommendations?

Also, the only thing about this grope that doesn't fit the pattern is that you didn't snap a picture of the event for us. A sad, sad deviation I must say.


Alvis, the VP's wife is an incredibly personalable lady who I once knew as an introverted house-wife and, as a result of a leadership course that I also have taken, managed to transform herself into an enabled powerhouse. But she's a little too skinny for my tastes.

Moksha, I can give a few recommendations, but with the caveat that I'm a long way from being any sort of afficianado. I just know what I've liked so far. A MacAllen is never a bad bet for scotch. There are a few different offerings of The Balvenie, and I know one I favoured, but can't remember which. The double wood? So called because part way through the aging process it is transferred to a cask of a different type of wood which subtly changes the flavour. Delightful! I also recommend Talisker and Lagavulin. My dad got me a nice Auchentoshan last year for... something.

My favourite, though, is Laphroaig. (La-froyg.) It's one of the scotches that would be called very peaty. You can almost taste the soil in which the grains were grown. Turns some scotch drinkers off, but I likes me some dirt in me drink!

Also, age does matter. I think 10-year is the youngest (decent single malt) scotch you can get. The 15-, 20-, and 25-plus year old scotches really do taste better. I almost regret not being able to stand smoking, else I'd occasionally take a good cigar with one.


I've always known your wife was super cool, but that is icing (with sprinkles) on the cake.




It's your birthday? Happy Birthday to you if it is true!


One gargantuan disadvantage of not being able to blog-read at work is also not being able to be the first one to wish your best blog buddy Happy Birthday. I will toast you later tonight. Hope you had a stellar day!


Yes, Terri, Monique seems to have outed me. Thanks for the nice wishes!

Moksha Gren

You were just gonna let us miss that, Simon? Happy birthday, man! I may just have to raise a toast again tonight.


Sorry I've been MIA, Simon...three kids and all that.

Wanted to wish you a Happiest of Happy Birthdays!! You and my son both know the disadvantages of a December birthday, eh?


Happy Birthday, Simon! Gads! I can't believe I didn't know.


Mark, certain things, Si is less verbose aboot. He'll tell you his wife's groping habits, how much his kid pukes, how much he enjoys abusing pets, show off his legs in a kilt, but deep down in, he's got a problem with that aging thing.


Happy belated birthday!

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