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Thursday, 14 December 2006


Moksha Gren

Now...you SAY that you never try to one-up me. But I can't help but notice the fine sheen on these 3-D charts so soon after my data geek post ;)

I've never actually looked at my visit logs. I put up a spiffy little map to show where my hits are coming from...but it doesn't really break it down any further than that. And I think for my own sanity...I'll leave it at that.

Also, if your counter is showing return visits from the same IP and not just uniques...then I may be a "Dixie" as well. I visit here alot (no...not "a lot") to follow the comments. I like the back and forths and the only way I've found to get that going is to keep checking OCD-style. I also use your site as a gateway to the folks you have on your blogroll who I don't read often enough to put on my homepage.

And what do you have against cereal?


Ya, I may be responsible for at least 500 of those extra 1,000 hits in March. But I'm not going to apologize... ;)


Moksha, I use the free Sitemeter service to track my stats for me, so the graphs up there are just cut-n-pasted GIF images from my account page on that site. No one-upmanship at all, sir. But please consider your recent post as inspiration to contemplate a few numbers of my own.

It's kind of scary that I can find out such things as that you're using IE6.0 on MS Win2000 at a screen resolution of 1024x768 (16 bit color depth), your browser supports version 1.3 of Javascript and you're approximately 2,428 kilometres (1,510 miles) away from me. Trippy!

As for cereal... well, it's the fact that Cheerio burps are the worst tasting burps I've ever had, even though I find the actual cereal both delicious and nutritious. Stupid dichotomy!

Dixie, you boosted my traffic and my ego with your unstinting attention. I thank you!


I check my site meter specifically to see who reads me from work and report back to your bosses as soon as I'm able. :-Þ No, seriously I do check often though,and I wish I didn't because the most often repeating visitors are lurkers and it drives me crazy that they don't comment and I don't know who they are.
Incidentally, if you drink coffee and eat a banana, those Cheerio burps pale miserably in comparison... I found that I have to get my potassium by some other means...
Oh, and I got my peak traffic in the week following my bikini shot. Sad but true.

Émilie B.

This is weird... your last 10 posts or so came in all at once in my crappy RSS tracking software.

Makes me wonder if RSS feeds are counted in stats? All the blogs I track are crammed into one software, but I don't know if that sends a hit to the blogs in question.

That said, I know this is the wrong post to comment this into, but I'm lazy: that Santa pic is hilarious! (And you can now treasure it for years...)

- Émy

Moksha Gren

Egad! You now know my greatest secret. I've been closely guarding my screen resolution....but now you know. Curse you, Sitemeter!!

Also, I tend to cover my Cheerios in yogurt. The fruity tang of my burps apparently masks the less than cheery Cheerio funk.


And I note John Scalzi's observation that after a spike comes a new, higher plateau of regular traffic...


If you're not looking at the number of eunuchs, then you definitely are just a hit whore. Wait, I think I meant "uniques." I'm not sure that's a word, but some presumably smart person up there used it, so it must be.

I used Sitemeter at first, on your suggestion, but for some reason I can't now name, I changed to Statcounter. I like both fine, but something about the ladder appealed to me. I mean, the "latter."

Consarnit! Now Mokker's got me all messed up.

I never know what to think of the stats, but I look at them at least once a day. And your mother, too.


Émilie, I'll accept any and all compliments on the wee boys and that hilarious pose. The copy I have posted on my office door at work has been getting many a chuckle to boot.

Moksha, I think there is some deep level of nested brilliance in you I have yet to plumb. Yoghurt on Cheerios?! That's right up there with peanut butter and chocolate chips on toast! When I go shopping next... Do you drown 'em, or is it just enough for a yoghurty coating on each "O"? And do you mix up the flavours, or stick to a favourite?

Paul, I'll wait and see if I hit a new plateau. But really, it's the quality of people that visit, not the quantity, eh?

Mark, either it's too late when you comment or you're slowly going insane. Or, really, Moksha's getting to you. And what's this about my mother?! You be careful or I'll think up a very witty retort and unleash it in your general direction.


AHA! I knew it!!! There IS a connection between the late comment thing and insanity. Mark, you're in excellent company, my dear friend. They are not separate entities, but one in the same. Mwhahahah! And I was blaming it on medication.

Moksha Gren

Why am I being blamed for Mark's insanity? I've done nothing but expose what was already there (I'm sure Linda will twist that)

And yes, my yogurt brilliance is profound. It goes on just about any unsweetened cereal in my book. Now, Moonshot likes to nothig to interfere with her cereal/yogurt mix. Just heaps of yogurt on a bowl of flakes. I use it more as a flavoring for my milk. Sorta half yogurt / half milk. Makes the milk better for the drinkin' afterward, too. It's a habit I picked up from my Dad. I switch the flavors around...but I never mix them.


Okay, my lame attempt to be funny has now turned into my slow but steady march to a mental institution. Isn't MENSA a mental institution?

Seriously, though, for a couple years my breakfast every day was Grape-Nuts stirred into yogurt. It rocked (literally -- those buggers are like gravel). Alas, the Grape-Nuts gave me gas, so I had to stop.

Moksha Gren

Who'da thunk this post was going to turn into an in-depth discussion of our breakfast cereals? Is there no conversation a group of bloggers can't steer horribly wrong?

"It's a dangerous business, Simon, posting a blog. You step onto the Interweb, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."

And Grape-Nuts cause gas? hmmm...that may explain some things. Hope Moonshot doesn't come back and read these comments...I'd hate to loose my Grape-Nuts.


It was Dixie who on that March day brought me to your blog and I have been hooked ever since.


Linda, I think you're nuts enough even without any medication. And, really, would challenge anyone to tell the difference between you on and off the meds. Part of your appeal, dearie.

Moksha, I am definitely getting into that cereal thing with the yoghurt. My other favourite breakfast is a small bowl of granola, add a diced apple, smother in yoghurt and sprinkle liberally with chocolate chips. Mix and enjoy. Really, the cereal thing ain't so different. I just probably wouldn't add chips to my Cheerios. And I'm trying to think of where that quote you paraphrased comes from. I know I should know it and will be mortified if and when you enlighten me. It's just not coming to me now.

Mark, MENSA is a mental institution. From which I'd probably be immediately disqualified since, for so many years, I always assumed that Grape-Nuts somehow had grapes incorporated in them. They DON'T! Lyin' bastards at Nestle's!

Terri, I'm so glad you were lured in and decided to stick around. I may never have come to know what a Bunny Hug was otherwise. (You Saskatchewaners are strange folk...)


What have you got against bi-sexual cereal?

And I resent being called a cattle prod. Besides, you were asking for it.

Moksha Gren

Dear God, man! Is there no end to your chocolate chips smothering ways? Although...chips in my oatmeal is starting to sound appealing to me. Gah! Look what you've done to me!

Also..the paraphrased quote was from Fellowship of the Rings. Let the mortification begin ;)


I might as well keep my new self-dubbed moniker since it seems to fit. The first La-is for Late and the second La- is for Lascivious.. :-Þ
Believe it or not McDonald's has great yogurt and granola that comes with apples and grapes. It's yummy. I would venture to say it's gasless.
Has everyone here tried the Reese's F-ing Toast??? If not, you MUST. Period. I add marshmallow creme sometimes for adventure.
Simon, when you call me "Dearie", I picture the witch in Wizard of Oz. (You, not me.)

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