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Sunday, 10 December 2006



I had to look that one up. But I'd lay bets that he will shortly begin calling you Simon and Amy.


Gee Marian, you coulda' tole us what it means... ;-) I don't think I'll give it up either. :-P
BTW Si, I keep forgetting to tell you to tell Amy... At one time I was one of Stampin' Up's best customers. Now I just dust the stuff now and then. But I've created my share of masterpieces, don'tcha know.
Glad the puking has mostly subsided. There may come a time when you'll ask him if he has to puke and he'll inform you that he did that yesterday...


Just passing through, but that was cute.


Yeah, Taro, that's what a lot of people said. You'll be back.

I always love a trip to the grocery with Ben. One of the local places features tiny shopping carts for the youngsters to push around, and on our last trip Ben's was brimming full while mine had barely a thing in it. He was proud of that load of loot.

It's so much fun when they throw another word out there, that you just have to share it with somebody.


There's something about a man that will tackle the chore of taking two wee ones to the grocery store...bonus points for it being Superstore...on a weekend!

Moksha Gren

I'll give you credit for braving the stores...but I also remember that you love the looks you get from the ladies as you cart your little I'm-a-good-Dad chick-magnets around. So well done, Si...on both counts ;)

I'm glad to hear Tav is learning to keep his food to himself. Norah has really cut back on the post-meal spit up. I still ask her after every bottle i she has any returns she'd like to make...but thankfully, her little tummy has decided to keep it all in more often than not.


I just have to ask you guys -- do your babies burp well after eating? We used to pound Ben's back relentlessly to make him burp. I've heard some babies just don't burp well, and that the parents of those are easy to spot, because of the... spots.


Marian, I remember going through that phase with both my parents and had it scolded out of me right quick.

Linda, I bet Amy could put you to shame right now. Her collection is amazing! Both boys' next puke stage will be their own problem.

Taro, thanks!

Mark, both our sons have been great burpers. Which should come as no surprise given how professional they've both been on the follow throughs.

Terri, it's actually kind of fun when they're well behaved. Which, if they're well fed and relatively rested, Dex and Tav normally are. Thankfully.

Moksha, you're a fortunate man to see Norah keeping the deposits down now. I think ours were at the far end of the bell curve when it came to expectoration. And I was going to make mention again of the good-dad chick-magnet thing, but thought I'd best lay low after that Russian Roulette outing.

Moksha Gren

Mark - Norah can belch like a champ...it's just a question of whether the gas comes up alone.

Si - Sorry to risk more gunfire. I was so proud of my call-back that I forgot Amy was still packin'.


My son, Allen, went through the same phase of calling us by our first names. So I think it must not be uncommon.


Mokker, LOL


Mokker, LOL

Moksha Gren

I take it back...

Seems I jinxed myself by bragging on my daughter. I didn't even know she was a fan of Jackson Pollock...but she produced a stunning tribute to his style on my shirt last night.

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