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Thursday, 21 December 2006


Moksha Gren

Wow, Si. This, your holiday post, may contain more profanity than any post I've read of yours. "Bless us, every fucking one" All that and dog poo, too!

I had a hard time finding Christmas this year too, then I found it...then I lost again. I'm hoping to track it down once more before Monday. Here's hoping for both of us.


I too am keeping up a steady schedule of Find It...Lose It. Coincidentally (or not) the Finding It usually occurs after I've had a night of at least 4 hours of sleep. Much easier to deal with the holidays being shoved down your throat after some shuteye. Enjoy your vacation from work!


Hmmm. I feel it and then don't, hourly it seems. It's a fleeting thing, reality has a way of creeing in and overtaking the Magic. Try to block out all the faux crap. It's the loved ones and the memories attached to them that makes it for me. And the fact that our Savior gave his life so that we could enjoy one another. It's easier to remember that in our family, since LittleJuJu was born on His birthday. I think that if it were possible, a group hug would make us all feel way better.


And sometimes, reality actually creePs in if you're not careful...


WHat is it this year? You are all not the first ones I've heard this from. I thought it was just our family, due to the move and chaos we find ourselves in. But then today, my parent came over, and we put a minimum amount of order into the chaos, found the tree box, and I am determined to get the damn thing up tomorrow!

Ho, ho, ho?


Reading between the lines here, I sense the chief complaint of young parents everywhere: near-exhaustion. Sounds like it's time for some respite care for you guys, if you are to maintain your sanity. So the first time the grand-p's volunteer to take Dex or Tav for a long weekend, see if you can't farm the other one out to other interested friends or family members. Put the dogs in a kennel.

Then luxuriate in eight-hour sleep sessions, some unhurried, unaccompanied love-making, and getting to know one another again, as adults. See if you can't get your motors running for something more than the daily grind. The return of children and canines will be bittersweet, but appreciated.

That's my Christmas wish for you.

(And here I was going to point out that some of us really like it when Wal-Mart goes 24/7 because that allows those of us who work and live a second-shift existence to feel like we're members of the human race, too. The bastards DIDN'T open for extended hours here, however, so for the first time in many years, my wife and I have done no shopping except for six hours on Black Friday. Consequently, zero Christmas spirit in evidence. And no possibility between now and New Years.)


I can totally understand Simon; just be glad you don't work retail! Well, here's to another festival of greed!


I'm chiming in late here. I posted a couple times about how my Christmas spirit is at a high point this year. For myself, it's no different than usual -- I can't stand how commercial it's become. But for Ben, our first and only son, it's a great thing. Vicariously through him, I see it as a lot of fun, too. Sure, it's fleeting, because we have to deal with all the things he doesn't -- assholes in the family, money, time management, money. Oh, and money.

When I see how excited he was to open his presents from "Santa," I allowed myself to be immersed in the moment.

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