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Friday, 22 December 2006



Merry Christmas Simon, Amy and Boys. Hope Santa is good to you all...now that you've found SOME holiday spirit.

Moksha Gren

Thanks, Dex, for helping your Daddy find a bit of holiday spirit. It worked so well because you didn't even know you were doing it.

And I say nested parentheticals are fine, Si. If they're good enough for Excel, they're good enough for blogs. Enjoy your new-found holiday mindset, my friend.


That helped me too, Dude. :-) Give that boy an extra kiss on the head tonight for me.
Uh, I think the reason they invented the square parenthesis (parenthesi?) are so you can use 'em inside the round ones. I dunno, that's what I do.
You passed on the bisque? Man, you do love that woman. :-)
In case I don't make it back here, Happy Christmas and Love to all of you.

Cheeseburger Brown

Dear Simon and kin,


Cheeseburger Brown


If only Dex would be drawin' a car with his left hand, what a Christmas miracle it would be....

I'm with Linda on your form question: use brackets inside the parenthesis.

Merry Christmas, Clan Fraser.


Glad you found the spirit, man. Our son is about the only thing that keeps mine going, but it's come on strong this year.

I hope it all went well for you.


Seems to me I read something over at some crazy woman's blog, in the comments, about basement floods and menstruating women. A lesson we learned many years ago ourselves, although not over Christmas.

Anyway, we're almost done moving and are starting to come up for air! Happy New Year Simon, Amy, Dex and Tavish. May this one be the best one yet.

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