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Tuesday, 19 December 2006



Okay, we just took our kids bowling and that ramp thing would have been so very helpful! I have never seen that before.

And yes, magnetic drawing boards are the bomb. Both my kids love their Magnadoodles and will play with them happily for hours.

Diva is a righty but JJ uses both hands still. Still haven't figured him out, and he's three.


Those ramps haven't caught on down here in the U.S. Instead, we have tiny fences that pop up to keep the ball from falling into the gutter. Of course, some adults use those!

I'm with you on the bowling skills. Breaking 100 is a goal for me, and not always reached.

That's a great pic, by the way.

I'm amazed that Farley managed her way into so many shots, but Jango's MIA. You didn't finally kick that dog a little *too* hard, did you?


Mark, no dog kicking should be inferred from this post. (Nor did any transpire.) Those bowling lanes also have the 'gutter guards', but we were on a lane without. I bowled a 140 during a practice game, but I'm claiming a sore wrist from inexperience as my excuse for the golf score I posted during the actual game.

Moksha Gren

These a great pictures, Si. And even better since they are just "slice o' life" stuff. I can't believe how blue Tav's eyes are. Stunning. And Dex is outrageously cute cuddled up with Farely.

Sorry I took so long to swing by and give the pictures their just acolades...but this general is in the midst of battle, baby! Gotta run.


I La-La-Love these pictures. The first one, Tav looks just like Amy. Second, I can't get enough of that smattering of gold peach fuzz around Dex's hairline. Three,
Amy again. I can't get over how Tav has "filled out". Lordy. Dex's coat is adorable and I love how intent he looks with the Magna Doodle. Thanks for sharing Home With the Frasers, Simon :-)

the Mater

It's been ages since I've dropped by and this photo essay post was all I needed to catch up with your wonderful family. The boys are such handsome lads and we will have to introduce them to Sophie and Hattie one day. The boxer is a "she" so must be kept to add some extra estrogen to the household. The tatoos are a neverending story ... our girls have them and I think they are indelible, the gift that keeps on giving. The t-shirt is cute but I like the one you modeled for Jenn's blog better :>)

Have a warm and wonderful holiday season!

Hugs, the Mater xxoo


These are all wonderful. I especially love the one of the boys on the couch with Uncle Buster.


Si, I left you a little note over at Ju's.
I don't know how to make this a link, but that's probly a good thing... ;-)

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