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Wednesday, 06 December 2006



Funny man.

I wonder if your boss would be a fan of the Princess Bride?

"Good night Simon. Good work. Sleep
well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning."


Hee Hee Burlap sack...that has had me giggling for the last few minutes.


If they don't use it on the site, they'll at least appreciate it, and maybe read it aloud at a meeting or something. Our CEO's coming here next week, so maybe I should skip the VP and craft something similar for the big cheese himself.

Why do my favorite blogs always include some kind of reference to The Princess Bride, whether in the post or the comments? I guess because the coolest people read them.

Moksha Gren

That's beautiful, Simon! Other than the lack of a sacking, has there been any feedback from the department?

It's a shame universities can't get more use out of their hidden tunnels. I know of several that have them, but most of them have closed them off for security purposes. Sad really...not much cooler than secret passageways.

Oh, and the burlap sack line was priceless. I had to reread it before it made sense...but it was worth the backtracking.


Brilliant stuff. You will be my official biographer when I take over the world. You're free next Wednesday, right?


Please decipher "naive first-years" I was so distracted by this that I thought I was reading aboot some Canuck named Muffy who lived in a sack and joined the circus and grew up to be a cliche or an engineer or some damn thing...

(Some day when you all have nothing better to do, please explain the male obsession with The Princess Bride. After I realized that like 90% of males list this as one of their favorite movies, I watched it for just that reason. I don't get it.)


Alec, so far I haven't been killed, but I do think "Muffy" is a fan of Priness Bride, yes.

Mark, we are teh kewlest ppls on teh internets. We R0x0rs!!

Moksha, I got a "Too funny" in reply from Muffy. So that's kind of reassuring. But nothing else.

Sarah, if I'm to be your biographer I'll just write a book that's entirely made up. Hell, I don't even need you for it, if that's the case. I'll just call it Dreamdust: The Life of Sarah, and send you royalties.

Linda, naive first-years is the same as naive freshmen. The Canadian convention is not freshman, sophomore, junior & senior; but rather first, second, third and fourth-year. Pretty original, huh?

And I don't know what it is exactly with the Princess Bride. I like it for the same reasons that Ferris Bueller's Day Off is one of my favourites. Does that help? :)

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