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Tuesday, 12 December 2006



You know, I'm almost certain I've never seen a picture of an unhappy Dex. You're right - I'm not even a parent and I can't stop giggling. Santa's really holding it together (wonder what he was really thinking?).

Moksha Gren

That's great, Si. I can only hope that you're sending that out to the family. Fridges everywhere should not be denied this festivity.

And at least Tav didn't puke on Ol's St. Nick. I doubt the jolly elf would have kept his composure so well.

Also...not sure why, but I giggle more when I look at Tav's shoes. The old man golfer shoes just make the faces even funnier.


Oh man! That's great. I'm trying to figure out if it would be funnier if Santa was pitching a fit like the boys or if he had the cheesey smile like "nothing's wrong"...

Madeline thinks it's funny too. She says "I would NEVER cry if I got my picture with Santa!" (We'll see...)


Classic! I love it.

I always wonder why Santa's get-up hasn't changed over the years, given the multitude of pictures of Santa with screaming children.


Santa is obviously thinking what all mall Santas are thinking all the time: "Please, God, let this be the last one today." There is a slideshow somewhere out there of similar pictures. Let me see if I can find it...

Here it is: Gallery of Santa photos.


Absolutely the best one ever!

alec lynch

Last day for this contest; I think you'd have a shot:


alec lynch

sorry, seems I'll have to break the link into two if you want to see it:




nicely done.



That is priceless. Hoping that is your Christmas Card! LOL


Now that's funny. I have a similar picture of Allen from the first year we had his picture taken with Santa. Of course, it's funnier with two of them in his lap, so you win.

Cheeseburger Brown

Dear Simon,

That is, single-handedly, the best Santa Claus picture I have ever, ever seen.

Cheeseburger Brown


Thank you all for the delightful comments. This level of approbation is really why I blog.

And Alec, I submitted to the link you supplied. We'll see what happens.


Hmmm, just a week after I posted this to sillytech... The stars are aligning.


Not sure if I have commented before...but I LOVE this picture.
This year we only have one crying child in our Santa picture. We have a four year old who couldn't wait to sit with a nice smile, a three year old that was convinced to sit on a stool in front with a promise of a candy cane, she did smile and then the one crying one year old. I told them I wasn't putting him down until they were ready to take the picture, he started crying immediately. They asked if I wanted them to try for another. I told them nope, this will be perfect.


Hilarious. This is what my toddler's picture looked like last year and I am fully expecting double the pathos this year with two of them. Good times.


Dude, that is the best ever. Congrats!

I'll be posting a video very soon that you will like, Simon, judging from an answer you gave on Linda's recent quiz.


Look at those little chick-magnets now ;-)
(Cheeseburger Brown took my original comment...)


It's no surprise that kids don't all love Santa, considering that so many young kids are scared of old people. It's the grey hair that does it y'know.


Oh, Si, that is completely fabulous. You should have it framed :-)


Very funny. Like Dixie, I'd love to see a shot one day where Santa's bawling too. I imagine he feels like it sometimes at the end of the day ;-)


Two cute! Too cute, too.


That's a fantastic picture to show at their weddings!

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