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Friday, 29 December 2006



Those bath fizzies always scare me! I do not want a tiedyed kid!

Sounds like your Christmas was very Merry. Uber green here over your ipod!


Si Baby, I'm reading this post in installments... so I guess I'll be commenting likewise. Your eggnog-induced writing is impressive. LOL for the mini-Escalades. I'm feeling really bad that you had your holiday tarnished like this.
In the words of what's-his-name, "I'll be Bach."


So Tavish is driving before he's walking eh? Sounds like fun!

I'm glad that the Fraser family had a good Christmas in the end. Have a great New Year!

Moksha Gren

Great to have you back amongst the blogs, Si. It's been quiet out here without you. I got in trouble for checking Wink's site too often for updates...got a bit crazy for a bit.

Glad to finally have the full story of the Great Fraser Christmas Flood of '06...and the eggnog added a nice flavor to the telling.

I look forward to the pictures. And congrats again on the iPod. You've taken your first step into a larger world.


Have I ever mentioned that you have just the best talent ever for story-telling? I don't know anyone else who could do such justice to puking, drain-backingupness, etc. (mutiny, sacrificial cleansing- LOL.) Your masterment of the English language is Something to Behold.
Glad everything worked out for you, and so happy you got the iPod. It just is like the icing on life, isn't it??? :-)
Oh, the frequency with which you were utilizing the backspace key? Welcome to my world. Since we got a "condensed" keyboard(translate- more compact, pain in the ass)
my right pinkie seems not strong enough to completely compress the shift key to make capital letters. All I get done doing is hitting the BS key.
Happy New Year to the FoY with Love. (Four of You)


Certainly sounds as if you had an eventful Christmas. Those are the ones you seem to remember 30 years from now. I've had my share of baby barf and plumbing problems on the holidays, too. Ya just kinda plow through it, aye ? lol Here's to a wonderful 2007. May we all have something to write down, laugh about, and reminisce over. Enjoy ! Tina


Nice one, Simon. Glad you guys came out alive and (relatively) dry on the other side.

So, I'm guessing you're spending New Year's Eve at home, like so many of us other married folk.

Whatever you're doing, have a great one!

Moksha Gren

Just wanted to swing by and wish you a happy New Year before I turned in. If I have my time zones right, you should be ringing in the year just as I hit submit.


Moksha, I have to laud your use of the Star Wars reference. Making them topical and witty rather than just throwing them in there isn't as easy as it looks when you do it right; and you did it right. Right on! And thanks for the New Year comment. I have to admit that I dozed off in front of the TV at about a quarter to midnight and woke up at 12:06 AM. Damn, I said to myself, and stumbled into bed. So I was dozing fitfully when you posted it.

Mark, we went out to a friend's place New Year's eve, having left Dex with Granny, but Tavish refused to sleep in a strange bed so we came home early at about 10 PM and yes, like you, ended up ringing in the new year in our pyjamas. Asleep.

Moksha Gren

The parents of some friends of mine celebrate the New Year on Eastern Time just so they don't have to stay up so late. As a Mountain Timer, that'd get you to bed even ealier. Just a thought

"Great shot, kid. That was one in a million!!" Drat!...that was neither topical nor witty.

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