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Thursday, 23 November 2006



Simon, that was freaking awesome!

Moksha Gren

First of all, Happy (American) Thanksgiving, Simon. Sorry to hear that it's coming so difficultly. Take heart in the fact that these last two posts, while clearly results of writers block, are still very enjoyable posts. Your fans are happy...your status as an excellent blogger is safe.

Oh, and don't trust that little green troll. I saw this happen once and the guy ended up loosing his hand!


the creature backs away from Luke


How much do editors make these days, anyway?

I must say, I'm glad you've begun having imaginary conversations with an entitiy that is at least somewhat more believable than the one you have (imaginingly) conversed with in the past.


Tal, thanks. I can't claim most of the creative juice but will freely admit to mad skilz in the cut-n-paste department.

Moksha, happy turkey day to you too. Just over a week to go now and I'm looking forward to a small silence after that.

Paul, they don't make nearly enough. You, for example, are hereby entitled to a hearty back-slap for services rendered. And really, aren't all conversations, from one perspective, completely in one's own head? Here's to imagination.

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