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Thursday, 02 November 2006



How in the world did we manage that? Our boys are wearing the same costume. Great minds think alike!

Though I don't get all horny over cool graphs. Just so you know.


On behalf of parents of peanut-allergic children in Canada, thank you for distributing the gold standard of safe chocolate treats. My own graph would show the increased awareness of this (and a subsequent slightly smaller bag of death for my husband to take to work the next day).


Okay, that costume MUST have the same manufacturer as Ben's dinosaur costume. There's no doubt in my mind, the way the feet hang off the end so they can hide the child's real hands and feet.

Graphs? Cool? Well... useful sometimes, and impressive occasionally. But cool?

Paula's comment makes me almost glad we weren't at home to give out candy.

Moksha Gren

Unlike TerriTorial...I do "get all honry over cool graphs," so a tip of the hat to your fine data collection. I mean...even if the graph weren't cool on its own (which it is), a few years of this sort of data and you should be able to purchase the appropriate amount of candy based on the weather. Think of the effeciency, man!

Mall trick-or-treating....it's sad. There's just something wonderful about going door to door, neighbor to neighbor. That magic is kinda lost when it's a company handing out the candy instead of a neighbor. I'm glad to hear young Turtle Dex braved the cold. Although I'm sorry to hear Amy was unable to find her firemen. Would have made it a pretty good week for her, adding fireman ogling to octoberfest groping.Ah well..maybe next Halloween.


You just don't know how cool some graphs can be. Data rocks!

My candy distribution choice was born more out of the years of frustration from getting so much 'cheap' candy as a child. "What!? Another box of Sun-Maid raisins? This sucks!" I didn't want to be one of those households.

See? I told you about the costumes. And graphs are too cool! Geez...

Thank you! Sweet justification at last. Outdoor trick-or-treating is where it's at, man.


It's lucky that trick-or-treaters never come to my door (I live in college accommodation), because I've always wanted to say "Trick!" just to see what they'd do. Or give them fruit, heheh. Evil?

Great costume!

Alec Lynch

Buy the *appropriate* amount of candy?

Mosha, I like graphs as much as the next guy (well OK, maybe not all the next guys) but if I knew exactly how much candy I'd need for trick-or-treaters, then how would I ever justify *accidentally* buying too much and having mega leftovers that, you know, just can't be wasted?

Simon, this is not data that can ever, ever be released (at least not to my wife).


What did you do with your leftover candy? We've yet to find out outlet... but I want it out of my life!


Alec, I promise never to release that sort of data directly to your wife. Just keep her away from this site next year. I have neither the metabolism nor will power for excess.

Marian, that's one of the curses of self-employment from which you suffer, I'm afraid. I just put all the leftover candy in a nondescript shopping bag and toted it in to work. By noon it had been whittled down to a couple packs of twizzlers and a chocolate egg. Office staff are notoriously voracious when it comes to free sweets.


Simon the Geek,
Cool Graph is too an oxymoron. If you weren't so "normal" in every other way, I'd worry aboot you ;-)
Dex's costume is as adorable as your new banner up there.


I have to admit, those graphs sound very cool. I'm not kidding. It's not the sort of thing I would ever have the will- or brainpower to do myself, but hell I'll listen attentively when you present them!

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