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Sunday, 26 November 2006


Moksha Gren

I see...too tired to link to NaBloPoMo, but never so tired that you'd skip a link to a bottle of Scotch. How perfectly and wonderfully Simon.

I've got my fingers crossed that this morning finds your family in much better condition.

PS - It's quite difficult to type with a squirming 4-month old in your lap. Norah and I are letting Moonshot sleep in a little this morning...and we're both facinated by the keyboard. Norah typed,"yhjngrtg." Not sure what it means...but she says Tavish will understand.


These generous whiskies (the single malts), with their individual flavours, recall the world of hills and glens, of raging elements, of shelter and divine ease. The perfect moment of their reception is after bodily stress-- or mental stress, if the body be sound. The essential oils that wind in the glass then uncurl their long
fingers in lingering benediction and the whole works of creation are made manifest. At such a moment, the basest man would bless his enemy.
Neil Gunn, Whiskey & Scotland, 1935

We hope you're all doing better this Sunday morning. If not, it may be time to move on to the Lagavulin.

We can't for a certainty tell
What mirth may molest us on Monday;
But, at least, to begin the week well,
Let us all be unhappy on Sunday.

Charles, Lord Neaves, 1872


Saying prayers for quick recoveries and that you stay healthy. I'm sure the Auchentoshan has amazing powers of immunity and powerful anti-sickness. Am I to understand that you shovelled the driveway for nothing? Bum-MER. But it's done, that's good. And I'm sure your abs are appreciating the workout. Let's hope you don't further hone them with heaving...


Oh, baby. Wish I could be there to help you out. Or maybe not. Glad your dad was there. Nothing worse than being sick, especially puking sick, at the same time as your kids. Ugh!

And yes, I do know how disgusting dogs are. You know I do.

Here's hoping for a better Sunday!


Moksha, you're entirely too insightful for your own good. Somebody will be coming for you so you don't cotton on to any more of my idiosyncrasies. And having a baby in your lap while still able to use the shift key is commendable.

Rick, my cup runneth over, good man. If nothing else you always give me reason to break out my fancy Lamy fountain pen.

Linda, driveway shovelling wasn't for naught, but there's more in the forecast so the abs will continue to get the workout this week which, frankly, they need. (And no, you don't want to be here. You've done your share of poop; now it's Ju's turn.)

Marian, it wasn't my dad that was here, but 'twas me referring to myself in the third person. Something Simon does with little or no notice. Silly bugger. So far Sunday is better - Granny and Grumpy are coming to take Dex away for the afternoon and Amy is going out to do a scrap-booking show which means I can lock the dogs downstairs.


That "busy at both ends" business makes one feel like death is imminent. I hope you don't catch it, as you're already done the right thing and taken a day off to watch after them. I hope bosses are understanding about such things up north. Some down here are.


Si, you're doing too much (ie. answering too many comments at one time) Somehow you got the impression of me wanting to be there. Nope, baby, that wasn't me. ;-) Not with sick, and not with snow.
I was reading Marian thinking, wow, she's got some powers of comprehension, how did I miss Grandpa's arrival??? Glad for the clarification, thought I was losin' it...


And now that you've finishe your 30 days, perhaps I'll begin mine, or not.

Bad news on the both ends thing.

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