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Monday, 20 November 2006



You didn't mention your "Sense of Humor Age." (or, humour, if you prefer) You know, that thing someone says in a meeting or a teleconference that has you barely able to stifle a gut-splitting laugh, but that you'd be embarrassed for most co-workers to know you found funny.

A psychic in a sports bar? You guys really do things differently up north.

Moksha Gren

Yeah, Mark...I was thinking the same thing. I don't know if he's being sarcastic or if psychics really are a mainstay of Canadian sports bars. I don't know whether to laugh at the silly Canuck or feel ashamed to be a culturally ill-informed American ;)


"From that perspective, I'd say I'm about 255 years old."

If you used 16 bits instead of 8, you would be 65535 years old.


Just one more thing I didn't know about Canadia. And that thing about being 45 -- you're totally right!


Really funny that you should post this right now. Lately I've been thinking aboot all the men I've known in my life and trying to decide (for no reason in particular) what a man's most interesting and appealing age is. While I'd trade all my furniture to hang out with one or two twenty-somethings and three or four thirty-somethings, if I really had to choose, 45-55 would be my pick. Something aboot where a man's head is at that age span; if they're taking good care of themselves, look out. I'm in line ;-) (PD just sneaked in under the wire... he's freshly 45, so the way I see it, this could be getting fun!) Take this how you please, but I've spent aboot 50 years studying men... I oughta know somethin', huh.

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