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Tuesday, 21 November 2006



It's funny how comments change everything. It sort of gives you warm fuzzies to think people actually read your words. My blog is about just my boring life, but yet people comment. Go figure!!!

I started reading you when you birthed (or rather your wife) your second wee male. Still can't believe your grabbed those towels. Geesh!

Moksha Gren

Comments do change everything. Before hanging my own shingle on the ever-growing blog streets, I was a horrible lurker. I'd read and pass on by. These days I know the significance of feedback from the otherwise empty void into which we pour our thougts, feelings, and pictures. So, even though I put out content much more infrequently than I'd like...I make a point to make time for the people I've met out here.

Thanks, Simon, for continuing to make the time for this endeavour.


It seems to transcend reason, really, because connecting with people with words is more emotional, more primal than logic. My "reasons" for continuing are pretty much the same, less the second kid.


I too started reading you with the infamous "I for one welcome our new overlord" post (is it weird that I remember the name without checking?). It sucked me in, and I've been lurking (and recently commenting) ever since. I'm certainly glad you've decided to adopt a time consuming habit!

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