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Thursday, 30 November 2006



Nice job of getting through that with both boys on your lap. Were you just trying to show what a hotshot dad you are?

Nice post, and video blog. Glad for you that it's over.

You mentioned that some of your November posts weren't stellar, but I liked'em.

Speaking of inane posts, um, I just flung up something that maybe I should have left on the bottom of my shoe. I don't always post every weekday, but lately I've been pushing myself to do it. Not sure why, but I don't think it's related to NaBloPoMo.

Poignant. Yeah, I really should look into that.


That was BRILLIANT! A perfect finish to a ridiculous marathon. I loved it.

Moksha Gren

First of all, thanks for a great month. I know how hard it had to be to find the time to keep churning out posts. But, I for one enjoyed them all...even the inane ones. Speaking of enjoying your inane posts...I find it wonderfully fitting that today's was by far the most inane of the bunch...and I loved it. It was enjoyable to watch you wrestle Tav and Dex. And it was cool to hear your northwestern accent ramble about nothing at all. A wonderful capstone to the month.


Simon and MG - I didn't see your last comments on About a Coffee Table until the wee hours of this morning, and I replied there.

In that same vein, however, I just gotta say the video's lighting wasn't flattering at all. If it had been like that at the store where you met Amy, you wouldn't have ended up with her.


Mark, I don't need to prove what a hotshot dad I am - it just comes so naturally. As does my humility. Yeah, the lighting stank. Like I said, I took five minutes of prep time and just sat my ass down at the kitchen table last night.

Marian, ridiculous, yes. I'll chalk it up to experience.

Moksha, northwestern accent? Whatchoo talkin' aboot?!


Yay for December! Excellent posts ALL month, despite not even being around for part of it. Enjoy your well-deserved break!


I thought this? Was adorable.


Please don't talk yourself/your posts down like this. It hurts my feelings. Your posts were great as always, dammit. And I love this wrap-up. You are a great dad and it emanates. I had to laugh at the construction paper comment. ;-) Women do such silly shit don't they? I mean, we.


You sound so grim there! (Not how I remember you from so recently.) The end of a marathon is supposed to feel good, isn't it? It's always a treat to see your boys, especially with you too. Though, yes, maybe we saw a little more of Declan than was absolutely necessary.

p.s. odd - previewing the comment put YOU as the author!


Thanks for a month of reading enjoyment, Simon.

December's going to seem awfully quiet.

Moksha Gren

Sorry...I've got nothing to say. I've just been trained to come here first thing in the morning, so I'm not sure what to do now that your post-a-day marathon is over. :)


Paula, I sort of commented on my own site from your computer when I was at your place.

Linda, sorry about hurting your feelings. I just know I could have done better with more time between posts. I don't think there was great suckage, only room for improvement.

Rick, there will still be noise in December. If this was a squawking cacophony of ill-paired instruments, perhaps December will usher in a more refined, albeit more elusive, symphony. Or at least less cacophony.

Moksha, I laughed. Door's always open.


Okay..I realized after watching your video post that ALL my posts are crap. Serious crap. But it's my drivel so I will keep pouring it out there.

You entertain me like no other blogger out there. Keep doing what you're doing my friend, and I'll keep reading..or watching...or whatever format it is in.

Keep it up!

And I happen to like Tav's hair like that btw. I do my JJ's hair like that after his bath all the time.


I just had to come back and watch this again. Take you time coming back. I can watch it a few more times, no problem. MG, that was cute.


Okay. Now I miss you.

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