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Wednesday, 29 November 2006



Very sweet story.

"...while hordes of Uruk-Hai chanted "Grond!" in perfervid anticipation."

Who could resist a guy like that?

Moksha Gren

Don't get me wrong here, Si, it's a great story and one I'm very glad you shared. But you only sorta answered the question. It wasn't "What made you first notice Amy?" She's a beautiful, intellegent woman...of course you noticed. Nor was it, "What's the story of you two meeting?" I think the implied focus of the question was "What made HER interested in YOU?" And hopefully she was more to say on that issue than, "He came back to the store and offered to pick up my coffee table...so I had to marry him." ;)


Quantifying this kind of thing is difficult. Were Amy to make a guest post, I'd be surprised if she could put it into words. Not because she hasn't the acuity, but because love has no printable definition. I like the idea of trust that Simon put out there. That's a big deal for folks who have reason not to trust people. Plus, come on, Simon ain't exactly an ugly guy. I'm sure her initial interest was at least in part based on looks, and of course once she scratched the surface she fell into the well that is Simon, and never wanted to climb back out.

Okay, that was bad. Sorry.


Marian, it's become well known in our household that Amy married me in SPITE of much of my geekery.

Moksha, there, are you happy? Edited on account of you. Ya goat.

Mark, thanks. Secretly, I love you too!

Moksha Gren

Yes, this goat is happy now. It took the comments to do it, but we've sussed out the real story behind the coffe table decoy. It was less tangible, sure...but infinitely more satisfying.

And secretly, I think we all love Mark. Now I just need to come up with a post that will sucker him into telling me how attractive he thinks I am. *Picture a goat batting its eyes*


I make it clear every day why it would be a bad idea for me to get drunk. I already say things as if completely inebriated.

Mokker - Post a pic and I'll let you know. I'm all about looks.


Nobody loves Mark as much as I do. And I get to feel, um, see him in person!

Simon, that was a nice story. Ahh.....


OMG How did I miss this post? Thank goodness for a Friday night with nothing better to do than blog surf. What an incredibly wonderful meeting. Of course, it could have been much less than that, but Simon could make a mudpie sound like a Blackforest Cake. I hung on every word and felt like I was watching from behind the rubber plant by the fountain. Makes me love you guys (you 'n Amy) even more!
PS I LOVE when you and Moksha and Mark get like this :-))))))))))


Serendipity is as good an answer as any.

I've been tending my wife's need to shop and get the heck out of Dodge for a bit, so I missed the initial publication. My thanks to Moksha for pressing the point home that we weren't looking for why you fixated on Amy -- anyone with half a brain and one functioning eye could see why. The real question is why she chose you and which gods you had to pleasure in the cosmos to obtain such a fortuitous boon.


Pardon me for breaking into this blog. But that was so sweet!

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