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Monday, 27 November 2006



Si, The best accompaniment to virtually any single malt is a bag of President's Choice Chocolate Chip cookies for dunking. The cookies take on a dreamy rich dessert-like quality and the scotch is not harmed in any way. How did I come upon this enjoyment, you might ask? It was an episode of M*A*S*H where Colonel Potter extulled the virtues of Fig Newtons dunked in scotch. I tried the Fig Newtons and found them good, but not great. Further experimentation on a canoe trip found the great pairing of the chocolate chip cookies with a bottle of 15 y/o Dalwinney. The rest is history.


Si, it's obvious to me that you do some of your very best writing UTI (under the influence, not the female decipheration) of Laphroaig. Great, busy post. Sympathies to Amy on the hair thing... Glad everyone is recuperated. Thanks for the early Monday morning smile :-)


Amy and I are in the same boat. I too discovered, what I believe to be, my first grey hair. Luckily, 30 minutes later I coloured that baby right out of there.

Flannel sheets and I do not agree. As soon as they get that pilled feel, I get itchy. Love my percale!


That's so cool about the man giving you back the buck. So, Stampin' Up is in Canada, too? A friend down the street is into it, but does not hound my wife about it.

Go flannel sheets! When our bedroom was in the basement of our home back in NW Arkansas, with drafty windows along one wall, I couldn't live without them.

Moksha Gren

Simon - Excellent post, a good snapshot of the various small details that make up daily life.

Amy - I too was staring in the mirror this morning and bemoaning the years' effect on my hair. No gray to be found, instead I watch sadly as my hair retreats across my scalp. True, true...it's an unfair double standard that society seems to be more forgiving to men's aging than to womens...but, ya see...I was a headwound child. Never broke a bone, but head wound after head wound, stitches upon stitches. For years I had forgotten about all these scars up there. But now, with each passing month I see more and more of my Frankenstein head revealed.

So, I'm not trying to claim that I've got it worse or anything...but I feel your pain. Luckily we've both found spouses who don't seem to hold it against us as we age. And that's comforting


Sorry, Grampa, but I have to say, "Gack!" You wanna dip a Mr. Christie, or other pretender to the throne, into something alcoholic, go ahead. But the President's Choice Decadent Chocolate Chunk Cookie? That is too delectable to be adulterated by anything but cold, fresh milk.


Geez what is it with you people and your sweets with Scotch? Seasalt and vinegar potato chips, boys! Si, sometime try my favorite: 10 year old Balvenie. I like it better than the 12 year old. As for grey hairs, heh heh. You think you can fight it, but you can't, kids.


I sense some cookie wars afoot. Truthfully, I prefer to enjoy a single malt all by its lonesome. I allow the physical and taste sensations to dwindle near to nothing before invigorating my mouth with another sample from my tumbler. A roller coaster ride of the palate that truly needs no accompaniment.

I will have to remember to write while drinking more often. Though this past month has driven home the fact that I really only ought to write something when I have something to say.

On grey hairs and headwounds (which would be a great post title), I long ago surrendered my scalp to the encroachment of time. If the remaining stubble wants to go grey, there won't be any resistance. The criss cross reminders of childhood head wounds are another matter entirely and something I've never had to, er, face. Badges of honour, Moksha, badges of honour. I have a distant cousin - a woman - who went grey very early and she embraced it wholly. She looks gorgeous with a salt'n'peppa coif.

And scotch aside, the thought of sea salt and vinegar potato chips has my mouth watering as I type it. Is there anything that can beat a bag of Miss Vickie's? I assure you there is naught!

Mr. Big Dubya

I love when a conversation turns to Scotch.

I have to agree - the Laphroaig is a fine one. I also recommend an 18-year-old Macallan for special occasions (the 15-year-old is also very nice). I also recently shared some Aberlour A'bunadh with some friends and it was quite tasty - went well with the Cuban Montecristos we were smoking.

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