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Wednesday, 01 November 2006



Thank you. That was excellent. I really NEEDED to see the whole sordid tale.


Great photo essay on an evening out. Sans kids. Wow, even in French, it sounds good.

I feel a date night coming on. Hey, Grammy! You been missing Ben?

Moksha Gren

A fine kick-off, Simon, for your post-a-day marathon. Nice to know how such a sordid event happened...but I have to say...it was almost better when I had to imagine ;)


Great pictures. I really need a night out like that..It's been too long.

And my little man was a turtle too!!!! And he was quite pissed when people called him a dinosaur!


You're a dab hand at the graphic novella form, Si.

TerriTorial is right: just seeing that gash clanjamfrie thrang wi' their pennywheep makes you want to enjoy a night like that, too.

Have fun with that.

This month should be lots of fun....


The picture of the three women in the second picture is totally hawt!

I really like the first picture of the snowy evening. We don't get such scenes here. :(

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