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Wednesday, 11 October 2006



That's tough, man. Perhaps since you know the difficulties firsthand, you can help him through it whether it's temporary or not. I'm sure you would have loved having someone (especially a caring parent) who could identify with you.

Neck flossing? Nice.

That Porky Pig clip is one of my favorites, too. In fact, I rarely go a full week without thinking of that clip. Is that strange?

If the audience didn't laugh at your joke about the five-minute speech, then they were losers.


I think you knowing about his possible stuttering early is great and with you having been through it, the help and support will provide for him will be the ultimate! You're a great Dad!

And that joke was VERY funny if you ask me. :o)


Let me offer you some reassurance. Declan is right on schedule with the stuttering, which is really, really common in this age group. It's almost like they suddenly have so much they want to say that they get a little traffic-jam situation going, or something. I've seen it again and again. The parents always worry and it always disappears relatively soon unless the parents make a big deal out of it, in which case it can take longer.

I know you have anxieties about it and for good reason, but just keep your sense of humor, don't focus on it overly much, and treat him exactly the way you wish you'd been treated. All will be well. It's just like when he was afraid of leaves and twigs -- a phase.


Can you check your area for help with it. There are more things they will do for stuttering today especially when it is caught early.

Moksha Gren

It sounds like you're handling it perfectly so far. Keep an eye on it and hopefully it will fade as he grows. If not...at least you caught it early and can relate. That alone will surely help him a great deal.

Also, thanks for the "neck flossing." As the proud parent of a formula fountain I know the routine very well. Now I know what to call it.


"I opened up... a five minute speech." Priceless. It's unanimous.
The thing is, Simon, and I believe this and I'm not just saying it to make you feel better. That little brain is just too advanced for that little mouth to keep up. Was true in your case, no? Way more kids go through that than you realize.


Si, darlin', I'm here to second what Marian said - both as a psych major who focused on child development and pathology AND as a mother of four who saw two of her boys do the same thing at that age - and outgrow it. In fact I kinda missed it when it stopped, it was so cute. What Marian said is exactly right - their racing brains are so far ahead of their mouths, it seems they get 'stuck' on the word that they're trying to get out because they're already three or four words ahead in their minds (please tell me I spelled all those variants of 'there' correctly). Totally normal development - and a sign of a quick mind, to boot. So there (ha!).

But I'm with you on the mild anxiety - Mike's father and brother are dyslexic and although it's common for children to mirror-spell (reverse) words for awhile at a certain age, I never quite breathed evenly until our kidlets stopped doing it.

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