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Monday, 09 October 2006



Whoooo-eee. This is why it's good to have kids when you're young-ish. Right now one weekend like that would cost me a week's recovery time. Lovely post, Si. And your new header is great.


Holy crap, does Tav ever look like Dex in that new banner shot!


The new banner is precious. And ditto on what Paul said. Those are two beautiful kids.

Why is it that the young one always seem to wreak a bit of havoc at holidays?


As crazy as living this post must have been for you, it made me laugh out loud; especially "Chastity" and Dex on the couch with you. (sorry) Glad you got leftovers!
Banner is CBD (cute beyond description) and I love the PARENTING shot of the TOY (three of you)


Declan takes 'half-dressed' way too literally.


Interesting that Canada's Thanksgiving is almost exactly the same as here in the U.S., except I don't think it's as ridiculously commercialized, is it?

Another great snapshot of parental life from your parental lobe.

Especially the part where Dex keeps kicking you in the balls.


you're the first person ever to refer to me as young-ish. As the queen said after Prince Philip finished with her: "I have arrived."

the resemblance is striking, isn't it? Makes me suspicious of Amy's claims that the mailman is Tav's dad. I thought I had at least one of them to claim as my own.

holy crap they wreak.

you make up better acronyms than anyone I know.

Dex is half-dressed more often than he is fully dressed.

you are very familiar with the definition of 'schadenfreude', aren't you?

(whew, that was a mouthful of a response)


I had to sleep in the same bed as my 3 year old the entire weekend. No matter what I did, his foot found my arse. Even through pillows. Amazing!


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