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Monday, 23 October 2006


Moksha Gren

The video would be cute one way or another...but the soundtrack makes it. You just can't help but laugh along with a kid who is giggling THAT much.


The best laugh ever.


Farley's pirouettes are masterly!


You really want me to get a boxer don't you! Dec's laugh is very contagious. I'm still laughing. Very sweet. One to remember always!


Have the Jack Russell grab the other end and then we'd see some real fun.

This is a great one. Reminds me of the America's Funniest Videos show, which the family had on the TV here last night (on our vacation).


I wish I could bottle up that giggle and spew it out at random. It's contagious.

No, I want you to take MY Boxer. Please!

The two dogs fight together so often that I probably could catch them like that. Problem is that Farley outweighs Jango by nearly 40 lbs and the poor little guy is always at her mercy.


Dee-Light-Full. Thanks ever so much, I was needing a warm fuzzy. And tell Mark to get the hell off the freakin' computer for gawdsake. Some vacation.


What? And take Dec's giggle machine away..not a chance!!! Sorry..Farley is yours for a very long time my friend. I'm working on getting a bull dog. Just need to start saving my pennies.


Being on vacation is, in part, doing what I want to do. I can read blogs with reckless abandon, instead of sneaking looks here and there on my breaks.

Then again, now that the weather has taken a turn for the better, my presence may become less known for a few days.


That was great....Thanks for the giggle.

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