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Saturday, 14 October 2006



OMG*, TCFW**. This clip MMD***. The TOY**** make quite the team. I love that thing Dex does with his fingers. I can remember doing that when I was small. I think it's a sign of a)great dexterity, b) multi-tasking potential, c) optimism (or superstition, one or the other...)
** Too Cute For Words
***Made My Day
**** Two (or Three, whatever) of You


Alright! a complete sentence!

It's probably time to set aside whigmaleeries like The Rebus Bears and start him off on Gibbons' Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire- now there are some stories for you and Dex to while away autumnal evenings.

Think of the complete sentences he'd start coming out with then.


Here's your confirmation: he's a genius. Clearly being all-but(t) naked contributes to that ;D

Cheeseburger Brown

Can he do my taxes?


You've got a smart little man on your hands. My JJ is 3 and when you sit with him to read a book he keep cracking poop jokes. Really. I have a class clown on my hands.


I love his hands. They seem to mirror his brain machinery as the little baby neurons fire and messages jump the synapses.


He's clearly a smartie-smartie-big-brain (in my house, the highest compliment).


Well, I can't see the vid up here at work.

That's good news about the sentence. And a valuable thing for a toddler to know.

They're just amazing little versions of ourselves (but not clones, that's for sure!).


If it will ease any pressure to post, take your time... I can watch this video aboot 3 or 4 more days without getting sick of it!


Great clip. Glad I remembered to look at it from home.

Isn't it strange how they are so good about enunciating those ending "t" sounds? Ben does this too, but I don't think he learned it from listening to us. Tongues get lazy somewhere along the way and tend to drop those off.

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