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Wednesday, 25 October 2006



How can I get Mr. JuJu to clean when he is pissed off?

Moksha Gren

Glad to hear I'm not the only one to repeat stories to my wife. I've worried, from time to time, that if I'm already repeating this many stories only four years into our relationship...what will our conversations be like when we're in our rocking chairs. How many times will my poor wife have heard the same damned details...and will she continue to put up with her repetative husband? Hopefully I'll get a few new stories as time goes by.


Happens to us all. And, I know exactly what you mean by a knowing glance. No words are needed in so many situations, that it's almost scary.

The dogs part? Ugh. I hate when I get a little reminder that they are, in fact, filthy animals.


Dog turds can throw off just about anybody's concentration, in my opinion.

One great thing about getting older is that Amy will start to forget that she's heard your stories and jokes before. And the old will become new!

Rick and I have so much unspoken communication happening all the time that we've gotten tired of speaking and have begun to prefer barking. A nicely nuanced bark is really all that is needed anymore.


I can be spontaneous. But only when it's appropriate.


How in the world did I miss this post??? Anyway, spousal communication takes many different forms over the course of a relationship. Looks, silences, touches, growls, (yes) silly things, serious things, whatever. You kind of invent your own code for relating.
As for repeating, PD is STILL telling me things I never heard before and SELDOM repeats himself. (Ok, he's not a talker...)
He will probably tell you, though, that I have related to him every single event in my life over and over. (He would be lying, but he enjoys making me look silly for some reason.)
Hold on to Spontaneous. After you reach a certain age, it just takes too much effort...

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