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Monday, 30 October 2006



Repeat that last sentence very slowly. That's it. Ooohhhh.

Whoops. Sorry. Sounds like a great time, kind of like that Other Weddings poster you made. When a guy puts his arms up like that, you know he has thrown all caution to a very stiff wind.


Well, a very stiff drink, maybe. But yeah...

"No one you know"

That was your WIFE???


Sounds like a good time had by all!

Moksha Gren

Good luck to the fluffy turtle in the loot-gettin'

And I'm sorry, Simon, but I'm going to be a typical southerner here and say, "Shoveling the drive already?!" I guess I got used to it when I lived up in Colorado, but I'm just not psychologically ready for that right now. I'm still in Autumnal denial, clinging to these last few beautiful fall days. In fact, it's wigging me out just to talk about your snow. I gotta go ;)


It's a cold Halloween here too. Cold and WINDY, but fortunately not snowing yet, although it's cold enough. So are you going to explain the last sentence of your post or just leave it hanging there...


very nice Simon!
Reguards, natalie
ps I much appreciated the fact that you much appreciated Einstein the other day!He is one of my favorites!

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