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Saturday, 28 October 2006



When you start measuring the gross quantities of baby puke....really man...go to bed.

But wow..that is a lot of curdled milk my friend.

Moksha Gren

But just think...every time he spits up...that's one teaspoon closer to the total. Finite numbers, however large, do have the benefit of being diminishable.


Is that 8.2 gallons of breast milk? You know how many calories it takes to make a quart of breast milk? Do you?


Wow, Tavish is wasting some precious boob juice. Not on purpose, I'm sure. Poor little guy. But, from what I've seen of other people's kids, they don't even notice it. I say other people's kids because Ben never had that problem.


Impressive (albeit depressing) statistics... Tav must have exceedingly well-developed stomach muscles (which I have become obsessed with of late...)
I detest numbers. Too tangible, too black-and-white, too unarbitrary. I'm allergic. Thank you for the explanation of the stock market, something I never wondered aboot. ;-)


Math is hard, Barbie doll complains.
One for you, six word junkie.

Moksha Gren

Totally unrelated to your post...but I came across this and thought, "I know someone just geeky enought to find this as interesting as I do!"


Marian, no I don't. But there surely will be some sort of righteous comeuppance for both our boys in the future when they realise what they both wasted.


Here you go:


More than everything you wanted to know about your lab tests. ;)

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