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Friday, 13 October 2006



Those dang Jedi daydreams. I must admit (well, not really, but it's late an inhibitions are at an extreme low), when I'm working out on the elliptical "bike," I sometimes close my eyes and pretend I'm running through the woods evading the cylons' grasp.

Yeah, I know, weird. But, we with active imaginations just can't help it. Life must be more fun for us, I would guess.


Weird, yes. And most other people would have no idea what the heck 'cylons' are.


Alec Lynch

Only discovered Cylons this year but have very quickly decided they are a worthy topic of imagined adventure. My traditional daydreaming always came whenever--human opponents being unavailable--I'd be practicing tennis against a wall. Very easy to imagine I was a knight holding a pass against a stream of enemies while my allies made their escape. Damn wall usually won in the end.

So Simon, one detail I'm sure you worked out: what colour light sabre? :)


Alec, I haven't kept up with the new Battlestar series, but I do know enough that the new cylons are a darn sight more attractive than their 1980s forebears.

And: it's blue. Had to go with the original that flashed up on the screen in 1977 and sparked my initial desire to BE a Jedi knight.

Moksha Gren

Wow, Simon. Jedi, Transformers, secret moon bases, air shows in obscure jets from aviation lore and covert military and humanitarian action all wrapped up in a Pink Floyd soundtrack? That's quite the one-stop smorgasbord of geekdom. I knew there was a reason I started reading your blog, oh Kindred Spirit.

My Jedi tend to sit around and philosophize alot. Too much action in my daydream makes me a dangerous driver since I find it hard to hold still while I imagine swinging a light saber.


Think maybe you need to get a little tokin' done? I'm kidding. I think it's delightful that you admit to this. A lot of people who don't spend as much time in our heads as we do would just think we're bonkers...




Wow! add some slash elements, and you'd have the workings of a very sucessful fan-fic series.


Impressive. VERY impressive.


TerriTorial - I think you meant:

"Impressive. MOST impressive."

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