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Wednesday, 04 October 2006



Nope, it's not fair. But, that goes to what (most) men see as important. If a man observes a woman getting her husband a beer while he watches his favorite sport, then he might think, Wow, I'd like to have a woman like that. A woman (especially a mom) sees a man toting children to the store? Well, that's important to her, so she digs it.

The real injustice is that the stay-at-home mom, sitting at home enjoying a fleeting moment's peace, arguably had the bigger hand in making that child so sociable (not to mention cute).


Somehow it worked for me ;)


Big ol'double standard, but that's society for you. Not much will change that.

Now I know why Hubster takes the kids EVERYWHERE! LOL


Never really thought aboot this, but it's so true (except in cases involving exceptionally beautiful single moms with fabulous personalities and amazing intellect as well as offspring). It often works for guys with pets, too. But I'm guessing a hot broad watching a guy abuse, excuse me, TEASE the dogs, might just run the other way. ;-) Would love to have seen Dex perform the glasses trick!


Damn, it's true. Although admittedly you and your offspring are extra-charming.

But Amy's just not telling you about the things that happen when she's at the grocery store. I totally saw Brad Pitt hitting on her when Angelina was in the frozen food aisle.

P.S. Your comment over at b'eaw about the widow neighbour's bosom is still making me laugh.


um weird. I posted about unfair double standards on teh same day (oct4) as you posted this post. freaky. Your're son(s) sound adorable!


Funny but in the "old days" I would have agreed - so unfair! Double standard! Now that I'm out of the gene pool, I think "who wants some jerk-ass hitting on you in the grocery store anyway?"


SO true. Everytime J takes M out, he is barraged w/ attention. Me, nada. He doesn't believe it has to do w/ cute man w/ baby. But it does.


Just wanted to wish you Happy Turkey Day! Later tater!


I've known this ever since my other half took our daughter out in the buggy for a walk around the neighbourhood and received loads of smiles from nubile women. Whenever I take her out for a buggy ride, I certainly don't get any smiles from hot guys.

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